Friday, 4 April 2008

lucky garden bangsar

came here during the study break.
bangsar was the regular spot during that period.
never had a chance to try the char koey teow in Namchuan.
however, this is Aunt Cristina's famed sarawak laksa.
they claimed that she serves this dish closest to the real taste back home in the west.
i could not really comment on the taste because from experience, i feel that even in kuching itself, the laksa has a different taste from different stalls. so i think it very much depends on your own preference. The thickness of soup varies. Some had more santan and some were thick that it resembled curry mee. although time and time again sarawakians will deny and rebut that sarawak laksa IS NOT curry mee.
fine. whatever they say. lols! :)) kidding

can't resist kuihs.
the 7-layer kuih on the left made me reminisce of moi's childhood.
the one on the right is ubi.
i think i love tubers.
want to wrap till so neat meh?
another of my fav!!
Oh, i have few secrets to share about this little town.
this man sells a wicked bang chang kuih!
it's known as bang chang kuih up in the north la.
forgot what it's called in KL d.
brain aint really functioning.
his cart is located beside the shop-behind-namchuan. right, hope you understand me.

anyway, his bck is perfect! really!
the combination of sweetness and saltiness is just nice!
usually some are either too sweet or too salty. bluehh.

visited Chun Heong too. it is few shops away from namchuan.

chicken herbal mee suah.
wanted duck mee suah but FINISH oledi lo the aunty sang :(
came back here the next day but yet again habis! and it was only about 12.30pm this time:S
good business so Merman ordered from this stall.

dried pork koeyteow+mee.
it tasted normal to me.
but there were truly lots of people flocking the stall and lots of tables contaminated with the empty bowls.
the table beside me had 5 person and all 5 of them ate this.
i find it normal, really.
since we had the dried version the first time, we sampled the soupy one on the second visit. i thought that probably the soupy one was nicer? on account of the family of 5 had the soupy version.

im odd, yes i am.

in conclusion: still.......the same.

maybe this stall is positioned at a good spot = good feng shui
hah! :)

had this as well.

those were not all,
bought few kuihs and curry puff from this aunty in front of TMC supermarket.
her curry puff was advertised in newspaper before.
it was normal to me.okay la.
i still missed the one from Devi's corner.

Taufufah from the stall in front of TMC was commendable.


yieng said...

aiyo..itu malai kou, i like i like!!!

Lim said... eat eat...cannot imagine how u will look like when i see u...sighh...

curiositykills said...


yay!! high five! eh proly we can try to make when we're in scot! ;)
ur mom knows? ask her ask her!! :))

timmy kah?
yes i know im prospering. sigh

Anonymous said...


curiositykills said...

eh..not timmy..den who ah? dunno d...

kxin said...

timmy will put timothy one... he left comment in my blog b4... the poor child is back again... with his virus... pity him! =.= thats why i told u must always treasure what u have now!! not jealous about bill gates wealth! ;) see? theres someone more pathetic out there without a meaning of life! be thankful of what we have ;)