Sunday, 12 June 2011

ferarri breastpump

anyone has any friends/relatives coming back from the STATES?
i want this breastpump! as seen above!
it is Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
over here in malaysia u can get it for ~RM2000
*jaw dropped*
but in US u can get it for less than RM1000!!

u dont have to be einstein to be able to do the math!

if im well to do,
i would not want to trouble people but unfortunately, i cant afford a 2k pump!

my current workhorse - Ameda lactaline, RM700-800,
is still working.
but im afraid it might die off anytime.
im not lying, just anytime!
ive repaired it twice,
and the other day was sort of the climax.
i was working on a saturday,
so as usual,
hb brought kayjay to work during lunchtime so that i can empty my breasts.
the pump had to fall once, and again another time!
they fell into pieces,
and i quickly assembled them.

sometimes it could go out of rhythm.
so my heart would beat wildly each time this happens.
to prevent myself from getting any heart attack and also to plan before hand,
i know i should start looking for a new one.

got to live by the motto "be prepared"

here i am, trying to be thrifty,
and this got to happen.

im not sure if this current machine will last me till my next bub.

it is really a headache deciding to buy or not to buy

i have to also calculate if they are worth the value,
and if i can get back the value
is that how u say it?

lack of money vexed many,
im not excluded

i love my Lactaline
please dont die on me
my son and i are banking on you for food and comfort