Sunday, 31 July 2011

fresh bloody mary

still breastfeeding kj at 18th months

did not know the wound would prolong for this long, no pun intended
this was the last week
unfortunately, they spread.. ? spread? yeah
there are more cuts, from one to about three this week
stings yesterday!
what is happening!!!
ive discontinued nursing him directly on the right boobs
only offering him the left boobie

but occasionally give in and give him the right boobie, countable times
otherwise i pump out

sometimes the pump would brush against the nipple
yikes! hurts!

i've applied Earth Mama Baby Bottom Balm, didnt work
next, Lucas Paw Paw

there are also some stuff, growing at the bottom of the nipple
no idea what the hell they are
have been there for few months
can be very itchy at times
i'd scratch. haha
seems to worsen now

i need to see a dermatologist,
shall ask about the two issues.

Friday, 29 July 2011

am i a tiger mother?

im reading this at the moment!


this book scored many remarks from the world

anger, criticism, worship..etc

from intrigued to fascination,
i am only at 1/3 of the book
very slow progress

no longer could i sit and bask under the florescent light and read in tranquility
i hate to return to the book merely after reading 1 paragraph and i gotta jump up and do something
i prefer to immerse myself completely without any disturbance

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

bought all the way from UK through bookdepository
paid in USD 19.17
~ RM 60


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

home food

beef for kayjay
quick stir-fry in olive oil and australia capsicum
minced beef marinated with garlic and lea and perrins sauce
gave him vermicelli (meesuah) last sunday with soup
we cooked 'xi yang chai' (mandarin) soup with peanuts and pork bones
it was so flavourful and fragrant even without salt
hence i scooped up a bowl for KJ before adding a little salt for the adults

i just realized he has molar teeth growing behind his buccal cavity
one prominent one on the lower left and one is emerging on the lower right
[at 18th months old] for my own record ;)

i always cheat in cooking
i cant peel and chop and blend all the onions and garlic needed for curry
cant make my own curry paste
they are just too tedious :p
for a lazy cook like me,
this is what i usually do!
buy the pre-packed curry paste!
ive cooked the ayam brand rendang
dont fancy the taste
havent tried A1 curry paste
mak nyonya is one of the few trustable ones ;)

it is not easy getting your hands on FLYING FISH BISCUITS and this TEDDY BISCUITS these days
sometimes when i crave for this flying fish, i couldnt get it
so what do i do?
i stock them whenever i see them on the shelves :p
it is like back to childhood...
i thought i have outgrown this eons ago but nope, how wrong was i
if u zoom in and look closely at the teddy biscuits, it says cheddar flavour
aiks, was cheated
it wasnt cheesy nor salty
it normal butter cookies
they come in two flavours, the other more common one is the chocolate teddy, aye?
gotta eat these biscuits these days

when i feel energetic,
this is what i prepare for breakfast on weekends
i actually fried mihun on weekdays before. got up early at 6am and this will be packed for hb to bring to work
havent been doing that for a while

Friday, 22 July 2011


i miss having this view the moment i open the fridge!

advertisement: melon kitkat from japan!
Clarins - stretch mark control cream
costing an arm and a leg!
RM180 per tube
could last for a month or so!
ive used more than 10 bottles of BIO-OIL
big bottle, could get it for about RM45
they say stretch marks is hereditary and i believe
there wasnt any marks on my tummy until when 5-6 mths of pregnancy,
suddenly they just explode
real creepy
looks exactly like a watermelon

i took photos ;)
hb is being a nuisance when he didnt want to help me to snap pics
the stretch marks grows at the bottom of the belly. i cant quite see the marks unless i stand in front of the mirror, to see them clearly
so i told him to snap pics for me to see
he refused and reasoned that u cannot take pics of pregnant lady at night
i had to force him in the end
i always get my way with hb ;)

feels nostalgic screening through the photo album
see the little one yawns

just 18 months and im missing the moment already

how lahhh

ah phang mocked,
am i addicted to giving birth?

nonspecific post

kj at 16 months old. jamming on the keys on the piano. hopefully he wouldnt repel this musical box in future :D

also at 16 months old. he loves balls. anything spherical, he would point out and utter BALL :)

4 boxes of ferrero rocher and chocolates all the way from Langkawi, free trade zone. i know, labuan is incredible near as compared to langkawi but well, free stuff! who wouldnt want? :p
brought to us from Your Highness =)
hb loves to junk! i was thinking if being a parent inhibits one from junking? what do u think?
my parents rarely junk, no titbits, except on food like kacang putih, muruku and prawn crackers, those sorts. they dont take chocolate, twisties, ice cream, pringles and etc.
whereas hb keeps on buying them each time we go for grocery shopping!
worse is when he eats in front of KJ. it gets on my nerves when KJ wants a taste of what his father is having. hence i have banned him from JUNKING in front of my son! u wanna eat? can, get out of the room, out of our view. hee hee
i can restrain myself the 'rubbish'. i thought im bad enough (thinking of all the junks during younger days) but hb is ugh! despicable. he MUST buy pringles whenever he sees them. and there could be times when he would neeeed to munch while watching TV. terrible. :)

i hope this wont deter u from wanting to be a parent? :D this could be one issue to think of when you are one. u need to set up rules in the house when bringing up a kid. for example, if your hb thinks it is OKAY bringing your kid to KFC? it is NOT okay for me. i do know a paediatrician who feeds her children fastfood at the age of 2 ;)

bringing up a child is not easy. be sure to have your husband's support, if not, compromise and stick to the agreement.

this was me, carrying kayjay. regretted not taking more photos. it was about 5-6 months of the pregnancy then :) not really huge i would say ;)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the day of the month

today is the day,
that the water dam broke.
i cried.
not cry, like really CRY OUT LOUD. no sobbings involved.
just spillage.

i just dont feel comfortable.
i feel very very VERY lethargic.
at 4pm, my eyes were already spinning.
the moment it rang 5pm, i was one of the first few to queue in front of the punch card machine.

i always carry down my workbag from the car but today is one exceptional day.
never did i leave it in the car. very RARE.
dear hb didnt help me to bring down. this is not the first time we argued about this.
he would just speed away,
meeting his love and other lovers in the field.

a thought played in my mind.
what happens if he cannot part with this lifestyle for the rest of his life?
what would become of me? and my son? and my future children?
what lies ahead?
frightening, isnt it?
is he childish?
or am i the childish one having this thought?

i cant sleep.
what should i do?
it is 6pm.
worked up some muscles and went out to watch kayjay for a wee while.
came back into the house,
remembered that ive marinated chicken yesterday or was it day before yesterday?
on days like this, i could potentially cause a burnt.
but i told myself, to beware!
so i place the pot of marinated chickens on the stove , put it on medium lowish fire.
came back in to the room and surf the net.

my eyes kept on diverting to the clock, checking the time.
it was almost 7pm, dear hb is coming home.
i should bath before he comes home.
dragged a while more before i stand up,
i changed my mind.
i should cook the rice first.
the moment i fling open the door,
i KNEW it!
the entire house was smoggy!

i turned off the gas.
came back to the room.
that was it surged and leaked.

it is 7.41pm now.
before he went out this evening,
he said he would come home at 7pm and prepare the dinner by 7.30pm.
now 7.42pm.
i havent eaten.
and i couldnt bring the little one home yet.
would i be happy?

i would usually cook and when he comes back,
we would quickly eat.
or if im hungry, i would eat first.
and by 7.30pm,
i would want to bring kayjay home already.


im still here.
u should know what is happening outside.
dinner is still not ready.

i dont feel bad anymore for not preparing meals. be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

we should all help out.

i wont pile all the responsibility on my back anymore.

guys should help out.

k,not checking what ive typed.
this is to give an insight on married life.

for instance, this is what i usually serve for dinner. simple meal - with 2 dishes. at most, 3 dishes and i would call that a luxury :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011


i cant stand people who 'mis-use' facebook!

do u have to fb every single events?

do u have to tell the whole world that u want your dear boyfriend to buy u food?

do u have to create a shout out to ask your friend to get ready so that u can pick him up? shouldnt this be something personal? should u not call him up instead? or sms? instead of fb-ing?

do u have to tag your dear bf and ask him to take you out for dinner when he is just next door? correction, i was told that you are sharing a room with your bf, so why the hell do u want to fb your bf such request when he is just an arm's reach from u?

i cannot understand! it frustrates me sometimes. i know it is none of my business.

it makes me think ure an attention seeker! are u not?

to me, fb is a place for people to :

keep in touch with one another
update friends or family members or relatives on their well-beings
vent anger
get opinions
share stories/news

i also cannot tolerate people who uses fb to SHOW OFF!!! jerks

ahahahhaha i know they are none of my business :p