Thursday, 31 July 2008

maid in JBC?

how sweet...
great movie
makes u...dream...

wake up!!! it is incorrigible!!

tomorrow you are having pp3 test!
and next week more tests!!!


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

is that a WINK or a BLINK?

is that a cue?

a glimpse of hint that it is coming to an end?


*puffy fish!*
i wanna be a fish!
this just popped out of my mind in a flash.
dont i look like one?
a puffy fish i mean, with the ever prominent puffy cheeks!
and check out the lost dude on the left side of this photo.
many thanks to the photographer for capturing this moment.

when ure lost, u will always find your way home.

wise words huh?

yeh man!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

first movie in scot!

6 levels

they have Ben & Jerry's here!
how i missed GSC Signature in Gardens.
well, they dont have B&J but they have Haagen! :)

very nice!
must watch!
theatre damn huge and spacious!
disadvantage : free seatings!
damn lotsa advertisements before before starts! says 5.10 pm movie, but starts after half past 5!

but the movie is chunted!!
love the bike!!! a little unexpected, cause i thought batman's superbike should be huge and fat and bulky with all the you-can-think-of-high-techno in the world! :)

and that girl really looks like kirsten dunst!



not very yeah..cancel that smiley face above

Monday, 28 July 2008

searching....through the window...

thinking...if i should jump down
or slit my wrist (last option)
or how else?? any suggestion?
before i continue my reverie, CHEESEEE to the lense first!!


i love yy...more than kk...
thanks!! thank u!! :)

oh! and anyway knows if we can block people in facebook?
because i accidentally chat-ted with this guy, whom i thought is an old acquaintance? and now im stuck!!! i so want/NEED to get rid of him!! from stalking!!
seriously, those people. dont they have anything better to do?
for my new life is i had found someone in my life and she is a kind of understanding just be born together...and very cheerful when i was down...
i can see you are not in malaysia right now is it...
and which university are you study in right now...

born together!
isnt that scary???
apparently, i really thought he was my friend so i gave him quite a bit of info on my current state!
whatever it is, i want to BLOCK HIM from seeing my everymove in facebook!!!
he is a total total stranger!
this is so nerve-wracking!!
anyone knows how?

Saturday, 26 July 2008

persisting warmth

no more undies this time!
*opsss! didnt know until trisha commented just now*
anyway, this is how far my hand can stretch!
dry in ONE day! less than 12hours to be precise.
no, half it! less than 6? or maybe LESS-er!!
this was the party last night which i snooped!
no Paint in this comp so i dont know how to add an arrow and point to 'the party window'
see a shadow of a man? towards the right side of the window frame
great. u spy on me and i spy on u

Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer party!


my neighbour is having a party. neighbouring block. i could see them from my window.

and i whipped out my camera and trying to take pictures out of the darkness.

and DAMN! i think someone caught me doing it. one of the boys from the party. 

the music was loud. that was what caught my attention to begin with. so then i started to peek and saw them dancing!

the music is still booming....

aww...such fun friday night. wish i could crash in.

*rub eyes*
im sleepy

just to pose a little
xmas socks!
i know lah..not xmas yet..but im preparing for it!
preparing to buy cute nice things to send home for christmas!:)
hopefully the kids would like them!
yerhh..looking at this pic, i look so miang!!! yikes!

thank u bigboy ! :) i wont kacang lupakan kulit wan

eh? can even spot my numero in the photo! :) my dooodoll!! :)) MWAHS!

hmmm..and just a little update. today is still hot! HOT HOT!
perspiringly HOT!!
still 23 degress celcius!
and we are so arrogant.
i could even walked out without any jackets just now, went all the way to tesco metro with slippers at 7pm! hah!
wonder how are we going to survive when we go back to malaysia.
23 degress and we are exclaiming and complaining about the heat!
tsk tsk tsk
we are spoilt by the cold. or by the malaysian heat?

Thursday, 24 July 2008


my long longed (pun intended) parcel.
after so much distressed.
how foolish.
thank u so much mom. and dad.
i am so so so soOOO happily happy!
seems like i'll have new grocery bag :)
but so white and nice, so sayang..
tak sanggup guna.
put food, especially wet stuff? those frozen and etc? eww...they'll dirty the bag.
need to remind myself to bring an extra plastic bag with this grocery bag.
my brown novo bag is a little torn now. it has a little cut.
hooray! they now have a new house! :)
they are happy, i am happy.
yea..i know it's stupid to bring these herbs from home.
but who cares...:p
and i think my Dill has a problem. it looks like it has decayed :(
serbuk penaik?'s to prepare me for my baking fever.
no idea what those 2 batteries are for. duracell and ikea.

thank u so so so much!
thank very much Your Highness.
my love for u is higher than mountain, something over the sea?

a real taste of summer

what does this look like to u??
first glance it reminds me of the maggots depositing in the nipples?
love cereals!

i still have 4 types? = 4 boxes?
and i feel like going to M&S to get more of the Stawberry-almond and other flavours,
and also Aldi to get their chocolate cerals (recommended by Huiyen) and also Tesco's cereal? also recommended by her.

arent i smart???????

should have washed more clothes today.wasted! cis!:)

it is so sunny today!

the trees outside is not moving an inch! oh, i mean the leaves.

praise the lord if the TREE is moving.


so hot so hot!
its so hot!!!

i need a fan please!!!

wahlaueh!! its burning!! it pricked my skin!! went through my shirt!!

so garang!!!
the sun is so garang!!!

new London Bridge?

would be FUN if u can find a/a few cycling kakis and cycle around town! ;)
~tower of london~
and here's a group of tourists.
gotta pay to enter...
~the tower~
it beside London Bridge
this photo instantly reminds me of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
cause i look 'orrible in both (london bride and harbour bridge)
city of london
cute figurine
london bridge is definitely not falling down!
it is GORGEOUS, isnt it?
beautiful~ beautiful!
that's us!
we met up here again after my solo exploration :)
waited for twilight

darkness fell...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

the spice of life

that's my bag.
my new cabin bag from selfridges.
im loving it.
and it couldnt be a better time to buy it! cause we chucked our purchases into it and pulled all day..and all night :)

this! in Chinatown
~reunited with the girls~
must eat this if u ever come to Leicester Sqaure
if only i can taste it on my tongue
3 scoops for 10pounds
figure it out
long queue at 12midnight