Monday, 28 November 2011

when are my 2 princes gonna get up?

love this photo :)

there is never equality at home, no matter how hard we try to equalize it :p

like for now, 10.25am, dearest kayjay is taking his morning nap, while dearest hubby is still sleeping! from last night. duh (him)

I've had my breakfast too!


why do i need to sacrifice? why do i need to get up early, play with kayjay, drive to the market and buy some vege, come home and cook soup, feed kayjay his breakfast, line dry the clothes and put in another load of dirty laundry into the washing machine. I've done all these, and he still hasn't wake up.

well, we have talked about these before.

u see, i have to race to sleep at night when kj is asleep, if not i wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. that means no staying up at night for me. this is not my choice. as in, dear hub would say 'Oh u sleep early! so u wake up early and accompany kj lah'. he doesn't get it, does he? it is not that i want to sleep early, sometimes when i am engrossed in something online, i would stay up past the ghostly hours and YET, i still have to wake up together with kj. u see my point here? oh, kj usually wakes up at 6 -7am.

this is just one teeny example of what happens in our household ;)

right, next up,
im blogging using an iMac! wheeee...

chewww, big deal. well, when we received the package from DHL, we were darn excited! the pleasure wears off quite quickly after that. :S

the simplicity of the machine,
all in a box

jeng jeng,
gave him the honour to fix it
it is his Early Birthday Gift after all

kiss kiss kj, kiss kiss