Monday, 18 May 2009


im losing my agility!!


the FIRST thing im gonna down when i reach KK is! SIGN UP in a GYM!!!

i know!!! IM NUTS!!! like lah ive already obtained a confirmation letter of my posting! *pray hard*

but im going nuts in my room!!! in this tiny room!!! i cant even stretch!!!

i dont know if any of u have this antique. but i like to fling my arms and legs up in the air when im on the bed studying!

i miss my queen size bed!!! where all my notes can cover my bed a.k.a become bedsheet :p and i can ROLLLLLL 360 degrees! unlike the single bed here! which only allow me turn 90 degrees! how not to be stressed???? 

i cant acrobat here! GARHHH!! IM GOING SENILE!!!


my body is aching! from being too stiff!!!

all the sweat is accumulating and i swear they are nasty stuff!! intoxicate my body!!! slowly penetrating the bbb (blood brain barrier)

zhen yang???  *listen to this song! one of my fav! wink*

before i start working, i need mom to loan me $$$. hiakhiak. coz i know gym membership would be dear.

ooOOO and i heard there are many chun chicks in Elizabeth! gam dim ah???? threats!! diee!!!!

and also!

technology is really doing a lot of harm!

i could control my computer, for instance feeding my employer ( facebook's restaurant city) whilst on my bed, using bluetooth mighty mouse, with the computer on the floor. *pffft*

Restaurant city
see yityieng? pong chan my restaurant ;)

its fun to kill boredom,
cause u cant possibly nerd n mug without any break

just for fun.
im a stalker. thats chenhan. ha-ha. told u my vista room was really strategic. ;P

carls junior : chicken salad
aku rindu padamu

my bro better not rear fighting fish in this bottle
or worse, mom using it as a vase

jco in pavillion

digging in happily
new zealand ice cream
neh..i didnt go back and complain, or make a scene.
char siew!!!!!!!!
i miss you lots!!!!!!


i ought to be studying

just one last photo ok?

chill-out in starbucks in Pearl Point


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


where do i start?

how should i start?

i have so many things on my mind

here goes my rambles...

im in tight spot. all these while i thought that i WILL be going to KK. to be posted to *with fingers crossed* Elizabeth.

yeah. stop rolling your eyes. my love for kk. ??? wth. i havent been there to be honest. haha :p lawak. yeah, but i dont know. i thought, and i hope that i would be smitten by the dog-shaped state :p

proly during the weekends, i could sneak over to Philippines or Indonesia. *nods*

what else could i do there? besides island hopping. and scuba diving.

i did not enjoy myself thoroughly on my previous dives. cause i was down with a flu hence it affected my ear and the entire balancing thingy, whatever u call it.

well, my point is? at this very minute, im doubting if i would yearn to go back to the peninsular after im bored with kk?
hee...i better not bak kata pepatah, hangat hangat tahi ayam.

decisions decisions~


dad's coming. ive complained before, that he is not adventurous, when it comes to food. really. and that can be a HUGE problem. a big issue which i will definitely need to look into and be prepared of.

he will be under my care, entirely. mom wont be around. boo. hence im watching his menu. his diet. hiakhiak.
which is not a bad thing i suppose. cause i could then feed him with lotsa oats. 

no1, cheap!
no2, healthy! lower cholesterol
no3, good for his hypertension
no4, easy to prepare!
no5, can make him lose weight!
no6, i can then use the money to boost the economy!



okies. next

im been itching to rave about....housemates.
if you remember my previous blog, i have a category for them, labelled "housemates".

im glad. and i feel blessed. that im very fortunate to have kind and really nice , sorry for the cliche, housemates.

At charcoal. buffet

previous housemates, benga and weeshen. they were really sweet guys.

current housemates, miss tam, and two miss lees'. they are truly pleasant.

i would be a speck of dust if it weren't for their existence in this chapter of my life. i do not know how to thank them.

no one has never seen me cry that much in this short 12 months.

i still remember how i rejected JJ's offer to walk me to Tesco last year.

without them, i will not have the opportunity to go to Carbisdale castle, as well as Belgium and Holland.

they have helped me a great deal in my academics. if i graduate this coming june, they have undeniably contributed in the success of the event. (also a few other people, whom i will acknowledge in time to come)

miss lee, who is very rational, and whom ive fallen in love with and insanely desires to be her sister-in-law. ermm, i mean i would like to greet her as 'tai sou' *laughs*

im not joking!!!!

i even told mom about it! in desperation, i honestly wish to be able to introduce her to my superbro.

lean. lanky. 'cincai' person. perfect hight. blablayadayada

i know they will be perfect for one another. dont ask me how i know. i just know.


bro's not available.


anyway, this post is not how i expected it to be. i thought i would write more. im a verbose person if u havent already known.

anyway, bck to housemates.

im so going to miss them. after travelling together,  im certain they liked me more than i thought they did! *nyiahnyiah* cause they extend their invitation to me to travel with them again! *laughs*
neh...cause im very selfish when it comes to water supple:p and a few other things.
my principles and what not
oh well....that's cause they have high tolerance level *grin*

i do not mind staying for another year with such housemates. sigh.

cant believe everything is coming to an end. when things are really blossoming.

going to miss her perpetual laughter. according to Sh, she has low humour-threshold. she can laugh at tiny minute matter which we dont find it amusing. hence we ended up laughing at her.

sh's a monk. ahahahah. kidding :p shez very disciplined. she can take charge and lead. meticulous planner. shocking to me. i never knew she had these qualities. she is also very ' suipien' (macam abang saya) ;)

they have etched immortal presence in my memoirs. albeit the saltiness of my saga in james blyth court, they have helped to balance it with some honey.

i will also be mindful of tai kar che's words of wisdom. also, without her, i could not imagine the havoc and the sanitary aspect of our unit. ehee..

anyway, i hope i will be forgiven for all my misdeeds and misbehaves and my notorious, endless interrogations-questions, which can be annoying, i know. :(

thousand apology.
ampun maaf. beribu ribu ampun.


i should be able to write better than this. when i was studying, when my mind roves, i remembered the story line was a hell lot better than this.

haih... what a dismay.

it's time to go.

2 more papers to go. before i mature into a beautiful tax-payer.

ps: what if i miss amansuria's charsiew when im in the 'land below the wind'? this is rather nerve-wrecking. an unnecessary one. -__________-

pss: i looked effingly!!! SPHERICAL!!! bah!!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

how to delay senescence?

what are they?
durian pancake!
when it wasnt that omnipresent...
it was certainly a dear item to wash your mouth

chilli pan mee
kin kin chilli pan mee
eh? think ive posted this before


im not salivating over them


are u?


now what about this?
buah talap

bet most of u dont know what this is...

cause ive only encountered them once...

and this hybrid can only be found.....
no..its not nangka
not cempedak...

its talap
cocoa plantation

if ure here, u get to eat this!
hakka dumpling?

ive never seen this in the northern region (malaysia)

the norms are usually the 3d-triangle type, and the glutinous rice are black.

i think they do have this version in KL.
pillow-shaped dumpling, its called.

if ure here,
u also get to sample urrm...
pingpong balls


as well as this!
gardenia ice cream!

honoured to 'bump' into this perdana
*rub eyes*
sure its perdana?

what can u spot?

pokey pokey

swing it!

defence mode
note the rear legs...the butt is sorta lifted up from the ground
sayonara mr. lizard

another bonus to this place
my congenital plan to be here

oh well...not that this is of anyone's interest *ouch*

this is a veryyyyyyyy random post




3 more!!!!

Saturday, 2 May 2009



what's the point?
what do u get in the end?

Friday, 1 May 2009

new Virus- swine flu

Swine flu is a mix of pig, bird and human genes to which people have limited natural immunity. It has symptoms nearly identical to regular flu - fever, cough and sore throat - and spreads similarly, through tiny particles in the air, when people cough or sneeze. About 36,000 people die each year of flu in the United States.-AP

Mexico: 159 suspected deaths - 20 confirmed cases
US: 64 confirmed cases
Canada: 13 confirmed cases
New Zealand - 3 confirmed cases
UK, Spain, Israel: 2 confirmed cases each
Countries with suspected cases: Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia, and South Korea, and seven EU states