Monday, 1 June 2009

i want to be cossed

Dining facilities in Paris are usually not that cheap. To save some money in food and drinks, you can drink tap water: ordering bottled water in restaurants is quite expensive.


so you dont have to bulge your eyes when i said i drink tap water when i was in paris



im excited!!!! that i could taste INDONESIA KUIH LAPIS, and KAYA soon!!!! and himheang tambun biscuits! and gunung rapat biscuits! and! and! pork floss lotus paste pastry! omg!! yeah im more excited than this than the delivery boy!

-_____- right?

i know... :S

anyway anyway, this only further consolidates that food is MEGA IMPORTANT in my life!


on another note,

shiamillion 6:23 PM
so membabikan wan ah! vocab. should insert this into URBAN DICTIONARY.

these days, i jsut cant blog without posting any photos. 

so here goes...

aiks? lazy to upload photos. hence will just dig from the aged-old drafts...



i people watch

her birthday
how do i know?
dont doubt me!
*muka marah*
cause she wore a sach lar...
i ma know lor..
knee-length socks
i likey

aunty, finger lickin good?

sumbat this into my mouth while people-watching
this as well...
with a cuppa...


all clear right?

another update,
threaded my eyebrow!
for £5!
reasonably priced
no more 'bushy' brow