Monday, 30 June 2008

insights of summer class

laid back
he's in jeans

hot tutors!
i like both!
right:Ian something or Matt Damon, is very dramatic! which makes him cute! and he bellows! which is no doubt pleases my ears! (because the other lecturers speak very softly which drives me crazy!)
left:Ian Miller. very very british! and suave.
obviously, i chatted him up.
here's the info that ive gleaned.
he is from preston.
he goes back often so he doesnt have the scottish accent.
he has stayed in scotland for 30 years.
he goes to the gym.
he is divorced!
*a glint of hope?*


prince charles came to visit!
no procession and pompous shows during his arrival

this is how we study
with heads laid flat on the table ;)
prof johnson, in jeans
and another female colleague, also in jeans
prof johnson is the only lecturer that i have met who uses words like dick! and etc etc etc

takut d...

am i in trouble??

this is what ive bidded in ebay. the jamie oliver silicone muffin tray?
it looks....
it doesnt look....
doesnt look pleasant aye?
not bright and shiny like the one i showed in the previous post huh?

3 more days before the bid closes

west end festival

took subway to Hillhead to witness the parade
cool daddies
more cool daddies..
i want one too!
did u see the shade?
the father piggy-back him!
kicky gadget!
sit still boy!! sit still will ya???
rebecca *if im not wrong*

why are they so clean?
i soOOOO wanna keep them under my bed!!

organic aberdeen angus burger it is! 3,50

chips with cheese toppings about 3pounds too i guess
i prefer carl's jr!
hold on! is he pushing me away???
you stupid bee!!!

annual street parade

they love dogs

glasgow junks

im infatuated with CIDERS!!
pleasee!! anyone wanna drink with me??
or better still! buy me drink??
i need to save to buy baking stuff ma!! *shoulder dropped*

i didnt get what it was at first
after second or third time walking past only it registered in my head that it is a person's head!
slowly, it all started to make sense...
it is MAO ZE DONG!!!
you're suppose to notice the sky.
random scottish kids
not camera shy definitely
*waves back at them*
love this in TK maxx
forgot the price, all i know that it wasnt cheap. more than 50 pounds
oushka london 99.99!
why do i have to find this!! we were suppose to search for a bag for Trisha!
sales assistant in some shop in Sauchiehall street
night scene in the city

we hardly venture out at night and i didnt know that i have been missing this!

i want a silicone!

are they pretty??

it is 2am and i am busy scouting for silicon muffin tray!
im sickening!
i should get some as it is MONDAY tmr!
gotta be fresh and all geared up for another week's of battle! sigh

anyway people! im a little excited!
ive bid for this Jamie Oliver Advanced Silicon Muffin Mould!
for 1.50!
postage and mailing 4.99!
please please!
pray that i can get it??
that makes it a total of 6.50 only if i win!!!

6 muffin mould sells at 15.99 in stores and 12 muffin mould commands 19.90!

anyway, i bidded for the smaller one


ok, i shall go and defrost my pasta so that i can have it for breakfast!
unless i roll and fall asleep again on bed

with an hour's break tomorrow, i have many errands to do.
and i so need to go shop!
not for clothes alright?
want to get my Kenwood!
it is a Super Good Deal i reckon!
so gotta be kiasu and faster buy while stock last!!

oooOO..and i had a surprise tonight

lazy to upload the photos.
so i shall leave a room for mental acquisitiveness and unfold them when im in the mood!:p

ps: dont be deceived by the title! :p no way i'd want silicone boobs!

and i ought to get to bed.
else i get grumpy

Sunday, 29 June 2008

MINS?no im not????

i am sooOOOO mad!!!!!

so freaking MAD!!!
why are people so dense!

how can people get so dense!!

how can i teach everything!!!! i cannot tolerate this!!! CANNOT!!!!!!
i really dont know how much longer i can endure this!!!


how come charles can multitask better than him???

how come my brother can be so irresponsible?!??!?!?!


Saturday, 28 June 2008

continuation of HK

~more of HK~

popular egg tart store in Hollywood road
anything that is famous here that i am telling you, they really are P.O.P.U.L.A.R!
and it could mean they are one of the BEST!
believe me or not, it is your choice!
the selections that they offer
but i think their egg tart is their trademark
Hollywood Road

strolled to LKF
dont u think so??
mahjong and HK!

27 dresses

many thanks to Trisha that i get to chill and watch this movie!

my intelligence is very low that i absolutely LURVESSS watching click flicks!

nothing much to rave about this movie relaxes me:)

only gurls will watch this movie though, no doubt about it

friday night!

a scottish carbonated drink
it is a must-try i was told!
yellow-orange in colour
taste wise...hmmm...i don't fancy carbonated drinks so....:S
but well, i dont think it is nice.
kickapoo taste better! *grin*

contributed by Khai Yong
2 bottles
Contributed by Eric
a bombay sapphire (24.99) and 2 bottles of sprite (1.0 x 2) and a packet of ice cubes(1.09) and 4 packets of Sensation walkers! (1.25 x 4)
so generous of him!
i stopped him from getting 2 packets!
one is sufficient! ehee

the party begins!
people start to warm up..

little gossip corner :)
sharing is caring
can u spot me??? *sounds desperate*
can see me ORNOT??
we left at 11.30pm to renu's place to give her a 'surprise'. surprise lah kononnya. this perasan lady awaits for our presence in her room annually.
what a painful truth. sigh

opsss!! she blinked!!
birthday girl!!
the reds!!
the daredevils!!
*ewww..i suck in this pic huh? :(*

we went back down to weithian's living room to reunite with the 2 poors lad after the celebration, whilst bringing down more people to party!

they played cards and booze.
play booze. ? sounds funny
it was unfortunate to run out of liquor when the night was still young. but since they were still high, they managed to party throughout the night! :)
before i retreated to my room, i saw that karen was red, so was eric and khaiyong (malu loh the 2 boys) :p
and who else? i cant remember anyone else already.
renu was very steady when they tried to kenakan her.
yieng didnt feel the oomph because of the lacked of whipped cream! (nah..i made this up myself :p)

this is what happened the next morning!!