Saturday, 26 March 2011

first taste of cheese

organic vegetables alphabet pasta with butternut squash and cheese

king island cheese surprise bay cheddar

what u should look out for is the SODIUM CONTENT!
please get those below 680mg/100g!

never get the processed sliced cheese!
or even the block KRAFT cheddar cheese (blue box), the sodium content is outrageously more than 1000mg!
go check it out if u dont believe me!

i was expecting the dish above to be delicious, as i assumed the cheese could bring out the flavour of the food due to the saltiness of the cheese
but how wrong i was!
it was a bit bland so i had to remind myself that i should not compare this cheese with the processed slice cheese that we usually consume

Sunday, 6 March 2011

growing appetite

ever seen this?
yellow dragon fuit
2 biji for RM14.17 in Pick and Pay
very expensive!
but for the sake of trying, hb bought it

the seeds are comparatively larger than the normal ones
but oh man! the flesh are exceptionally sweet!!!

the little one enjoys it!

quinoa + millet + carrot + chicken

quinoa +millet+rice + chicken
cracked one kampung egg into the porridge when it is cooked
the hot porridge will cook the egg yolk
why did i add in the egg? it is tasteless
i did that because i want to give protein

give egg yolk first before giving whites
egg is one of the top 8 allergen and the whites is believed to be allergenic
read more in wholesomebabyfood

although kj has no problems with any food, no allergy,
i want to play safe

frustration lingers each time i referred to Annabel Karmel
most of the recipes call for ingredients which we cannot get it locally
couldnt stand it any longer, i pulled hb to Merdeka Supermarket in Lido (it is sort of a cold storage where it sells imported products)

i was thrilled to see butternut squash and courgette there
hb said BUY when he saw me hesitating
thank u honey!

butternut squash RM13.86
i chose the cheapest courgette, i do not need a big one, RM7 something

chopped butternut squash into pieces and throw it into the rice + water
allow them to cook and thats it
the red bits are capsicum :)
i added in one cube of red capsicum (with a few more ingredients which ive cooked and freeze)

this was how i prepare the courgette
fry courgette (deskin), carrots, onion, chicken breast and thigh (thigh has more iron as it is considered red meat, some sort like that) in butter

chuck them into the blender
normal blender will do
add some water, drinking water if the blender doesnt spin


what i do now is that i cook plain porridge and i'll add different cubes each meal
say in the morning he can have chicken and evening meal he'll have something else ;)
variation is my objective

yes! i gave him beef this weekend!
13 months old!
i dare not start this earlier because chinese thinks beef is heaty
this buy was impromptu
we were cruising around in Tong Hing Supermarket last thursday and i happened to lay my eyes this!
i was thinking, why not?
australian chilled beef cube
for stewing
there was another type, for dont know what, dont remember
again, i picked the cheapest

we are sick in our head
i feel safe cooking this for kj in comparison to the beef sold in the local pasar
whats our problem?
dont trust our local farmers?
well, whatever u say :p

okay, here is how i prepare the beef

i separate it into two. half of it, i minced it and fry it with onion+carrot+ potato+tomato (deskin). (?garlic? dont remember if i added in)

i read somewhere , or was it i watched it in astro, one italian chef commented that tomato skin is not digestible. bla bla bla, i stored it in my brain as - tomato skin is bad. i shared this with fh but he said if the skin is not digestible, means it is fibrous? it helps in digestion? hence it is good? a little confused. whatever. i still eat tomato skin but i think i better not give it to kj. if you are curious, goggle it and let me know :)

served this with porridge. i was busy last weekend as jason visited so i pass over kj to aunty on saturday evening while the adults went to watch 127.

aunty said kj ate very slowly, but he finished the entire pot! amazing!

i froze half in the fridge. will let him finish it this week.

what about the other half of the beef? i made beef broth!

wash the beef. boil water and add in white radish, carrot, potato, 1/4 onion and when the water boils, add in the beef and boil in low heat. found some wilt chinese celery in the fridge so i picked a few fresh-looking leaves and add in to the soup! wow! the soup rocks!

after the broth cooled down, i poured them into milk bags and freeze it!
i could use it to cook porridge for KJ or either use it to cook pasta sauce!

will get more beef more tong hing! gotta load him with iron! :D

love cooking for the little one!

what he eats

Heinz Organic biscotti

got this from jusco
there were only a few packets left and i knew they (the biscuits) werent in good condition anymore but i just grabbed one
as predicted, the biscuits were all broken and crumbled
i did give them to KJ, for him to get a taste of the biscuit

baby bites - carrot taste

good stuff!

i started off with the teething rusks when kj was 10-11 mths old
i refused to give all these but relented when hb insisted on our trip back to ipoh in dec 2010.
after inspecting the big and small wordings on the box, i began to appreciate it!
kj is on the second box now, the one on the left, bread sticks with cheese.
it is not salty at all
these products are just fantastic!

at the beginning, dear son would hold on to the stick and grind it.

now, he can bite off the stick! and choke on it if it breaks to smaller pieces.
dangerous aye?
therefore, never leave your kids alone when they are eating these

maybe kayjay is also greedy, he would stuff the entire stick into the mouth
he is the type where before he finishes his food, he would open his mouth for more

his stock of frozen food
ebm (expressed breast milk) at the top

dont remember what this was
looks like oats
he can take plain oats
super convenient for me, especially when we are travelling

i prefer to give rolled oats that needs to be cooked rather than instant ones
whatever that is instant is just evil, no?
but now that he is already 1 yrs old, i would cover one eyes
back in peninsular, i would use instant oats at whoever's house that we are staying at
namely 5th ee's house, popo's house in ipoh

sometimes i stew apples to be added into the oats

this is a really quick and simple meal when we are on the run

i would stew apples and mash them and freeze
whenever kj is home with me during the weekends,
i can add the apples into yogurt

like just now when we went out breakfast,
i packed 2tsp of stewed apples with 1 cube of apricot into 2 tsp of yogurt for him

the green one is broccoli
white one is chicken

chicken recipe:
olive oil + onions + leek + small pieces of chicken breast
saute them
i did not add any seasoning at all but they taste good, with the sweetness from onion and leek
lastly, blend

i would defrost one cube at a time and add into plain porridge
i did not exactly give JUST porridge, as in rice
alternately i would give barley, rice + quinoa + millet

How to make yogurt

finally, after a long hiatus, im back!

alright, all these are saved in the draft for eons.

today, i'll show everyone how to make yogurt in the simplest way possible! im a lazy person and this method works brilliantly

i use Easiyo yogurt maker, courtesy of besties Poh and Wong. haha! shipped all the way home from Glasgow.

the debut of this yogurt maker was using the Easiyo powder yogurt. very delicious indeed but too expensive. RM16.80 for one packet.
disadvantage no 1: kayjay cant eat
disadvantage no2: expensive
hb loves this but nope, due to the disadvantages, i am not buying this again.
many flavours are available and i chose Boysenberry

the yogurt maker has 4 compartments. the far end on the right is the cover, followed by the yogurt container, the red stand and the body of the maker, i would call it the insulator. it is to insulate, keep the yogurt batch warm for fermentation.
the red stand is to be put into the insulator and all u have to do is pour hot boiling water into the insulator until the top of the red stand. means the water level has to be just nicely flooding the red stand. after u've prepared the yogurt batch/mix, just place the yogurt container gently into the insulator as the yogurt container will sit on the red stand. cover the yogurt maker/insulator and put it at one corner undisturbed. come back again after 8 hours and u'll get home made yogurt!
ok, here goes on how to make the yogurt batch.

using this Easiyo packet is ultra simple! dont need any brains to do it. empty the packet into the container and add water. thats it! dont need yogurt starter or what not.

i did not give this batch of yogurt to kayjay though. it is sweet! so its a no no :)

now how do we make yogurt from milk and starter from scratch?

im thinking of showing photos but on second thoughts, i must not wait anymore. if i do not do it now, god knows how long it'll stay in the draft again.

i hate those recipes where they call for boiling milk! ugh. i wouldnt know the temperature and u would have to wait till the temperature dropped to a certain degree before putting in the starter.

so i found this method which is a keeper!

  1. Milk - i use fresh milk. Room temperature milk. i place the chilled carton on the table until the coolness is gone. u will see puddles of water on the table, from the condensation of the milk.
  2. Milk powder - use this if u want to have a thicker texture. i go by approximation, about 3 tbs of milk powder made up to 1/3 of a glass and pour it into the yogurt container.
  3. Yogurt starter - Natural flavour commercial yogurt. i've tried Marigold and Danone. i prefer Marigold! danone is too runny as we prefer thicker type, they call it Greek yogurt. this is the last step, stir in ~ 3tbs into the yogurt mixture and cover it.
you are done!

the steps above are in order. add milk into the container until about 3/4, then pour in dissolved milk powder and lastly stir in the yogurt starter.

i always wait until atleast 8 hours before i bring out the yogurt batch from the maker and chilled it. never tried shorter than 8. it seems i read, the longer it sits in the maker, the thicker the yogurt becomes. u can experiment.

additional info which ive extracted :

It is important to sterilize equipments used as the live cultures are delicate little germs that will perish in wrong temperature or unsterilized environment. Give all equipments (jars, spoons, measuring cups) a hot water bath and let them dry on their own. Do not wipe.

Each time you make yogurt you will need some starter. You can use your own starter, but over time it looses its potency and your yogurt will not turn out. So I always begin with store bought yogurt. You can freeze your starter yogurt in ice cube trays so that it is convenient to have on hand.