Wednesday, 3 September 2008

summer slurping!!

besides drama-ing,
have been out food tasting!
many thanks to yewjinn!
if it's not for him i would not get to go to Wagamama for twoooooOO consecutive days!
wahahahha :)

it looks a lil bar like.
with many long tables and long stools.
u can stash your bag or coat under the shelf under the table or they also hang hangers on the wall for coats.
all the simplicity and unpretentiousness are vital so that they can house an army of customers during peak hours!
i had to queue on Sat when i went with Trisha for dinner.
chilli oil and 'pagoda' bottle which contains chilli+sesame powder complemented my soup noodle!
analyzing the menu? :)
moi's Seafood Ramen £9
taste soup first!
the ramen was a lil too soggy
Trisha's Chicken chilli ramen £8.75

chocolate fudge cake £4.35
this was what i had the next day
didnt queue! yay!
went at 1 plus noon for lunch.
Ginger chicken udon £7.45
pig's portion!!!

Meng's Ebi raisukaree £9.50
he didnt know i was taking his pic.
so yeap! this is candid!


YewJinn said...

belanja me to repay my kindness....did u try wagamama's apple juice plus lime...damn of the wonders of the world

Revo.V said...


curiositykills said...

hah belahlah!!! blanja u wor!!
eh bt come to think of it. can can. will blanja u something one day! ;)

yeah! i heard of this juice dat u mentioned!! bt its ex!!! we saved for the dessert!!! :))) ok! nxt time wil try this apple + lime juice! ;)
bt weh! kenot perah urself kah??? :PPP
ahahahhaha. damn. ure gona skold me silai again :S pfft

wuts this supose to mean again??? this is wut clhs ppl do? post their links on comments on other ppl's blog??? :S
ehehehehhe anyway i commented d. go check! :)