Monday, 30 September 2013

Raw Lemon Cheesecake

Raw Lemon Cheesecake
recipe from Coconut mama

the base
1 cup medjool dates, 1 cup almond
omitted desiccated coconut. dont have that and we dont fancy that

cashew nut (soaked)
raw almond (soaked)
blend the filling

3.5 cup cashews
8 TB coconut oil
3/4 cup honey
3/4 cup lemon juice
zest of 2 lemon (i threw the entire skin into thermomix)
1tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp sea salt

i forgot to add in honey!
so i dribbled honey on top.

the coconut oil that i used was from Mildura, has a very unpleasant coconut taste.

one fine day when im free again, i shall try to make with our new coconut oil.

going NUTS!

sunflower seeds RM 10
pumpkin seed RM 10
raw almond (L) 1kg RM 38
brazil nut 500g RM 35
raw cashew nut 1kg RM 45
walnut 500g RM 26
pine nut 500g RM 75
macadamia 500g RM 45
dried figs RM 15

all from Mercu Food, shah alam.

spent RM 400+ here.
bought other things as well if you are wondering the amount does not tally.

bought 6 bottles a pack
RM 20 per bottle
Tesco sells RM 25.50

wonder where to get my supply of honey after i finished these 4 bottles.
gave 2 bottles to mom.

spices are from Shaury  Damansara.

NOTE: cinnamon powder that we buy from Mc Cormick are not real cinnamon.

they are cassia.
read up on the difference between cassia and cinnamon.

this is why im really busy when im in KL.
we drive around to get all these.
i think it drives hubs nuts but hello? they are for our kitchen.
the entire family benefit from these.

so well, we went to Shaury with the intention to get cinnamon. then i bought cayenne. then he introduced me to their pepper and being a woman, ended up buying that as well.

which is why they suggest us to get a shopping list and not buy something not in the list!

unnecessary expenditure :p

 drove all the way to Selayang market for this.
biggest market in Kuala Lumpur.

5kg of california medjool dates.
RM 190

outside sells RM290 - RM 300+

Bard Valley dates rocks!


also bought a box of 5kg without pit. RM 70?

dates can increase breast milk!
dates = kurma

it was a whole seller so we need to buy in bulk.
spent RM400+

we also bought a large box of blueberries.
contains 12 small boxes. RM 70 - 80

kj loves the berries.

told him we cant afford to eat otherwise.

you can get these berries very cheap in seasonal countries so why pay more in malaysia?

im trying to buy more local fruits which are as nutritious as well.

there u go, my busy schedule in KL.
selayang, shah alam. damansara. kajang (non food stuff)

and the amount spent before coming back here before raya.

and the weight!

100kg ladies and gentlemen

we need 2 escorts in KK

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tesco Laminating Machine and my emotion this week

Tesco Laminator, RM 70 more or less.

i have been asking around Homeschooling mothers about where to get a cheap laminator for home use.

a mom shared that she got one from Tesco and they work just as well.

so i imported this here!

small and light

laminating this black and white cards for Matty, from howwemontessori

this is what it can do.

i hope it lasts.
since we do not homeschool.

i'm just a keen mommy.
will just supplement as we go.

ive decided to make peace with myself (i hope i can manage to suppress the thought) and do what i can.

ive started work for a week and all emotions are jumbled up.



house chores.



not so much of hubby. poor thing.



work. this is not an issue as i dont bring work home but the issue is that i need to spend 8-5pm at work place, instead of home.

we are trying to cope and get into rhythm.

so yeah, i dont have much time to come online nor plan about play school for KJ.

yet, matty is catching up with age so i will need to begin some 'work' with him.

can time stop?

i need a breather.

My superfood!

Another purchase from iHerb!

the box arrived on Thursday!
4 items

 Maca powder. Incan superfood [ RM 64.30 ]

Cacao powder. Mayan superfood [ RM 56.58 ]

Badger Broad Spectrum Baby Sunblock [ RM 46.31 ]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Sunblock 160ml [ RM 28.29 ]

 free sample of LO salt
and one iHerb 'pen' for ipad

thoughtful of them to pack the shampoo in a ziplock bag.

ive read reviews of customers complaining about spillage.

they used to just tape the opening of my shampoos and one if it leaked before.

 Chamomile & Calendula

the unscented is more popular.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream
100% Certified Natural
90% Certified Organic
new and improved version!

kj doesnt like to apply sunblock but im gonna force him if he wants to go outdoor.

i even modelled by applying my sunblock on my face! still, he refused.

his current sunblock is by Banana Boat.
or coconut oil ;)

this badger is double the price of his banana boat. eeps!

 Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Orange Vanilla scent

this is pure castile soap.

i have castile soap from Dr.bronners but im not sure how this differs from Dr.bronners.

anyway, u can get this earth mama wash in malaysia but they are freaking expensive!

please, if u want to use this on your babies, buy from iherb. they are still considerably cheaper after shipping.

i was gonna buy the 1L bottle but it was out of stock.

good in a way that they (the children) can try this first.

none of them uses this before, if you are wondering.

matty is now using BUDS range.

kj used BUDS when he was a baby.
now he uses my bar soap and aqueous cream and Allano lotion.

Friday, 27 September 2013

june 15 and 16

15 June
first day at home
the "pink" cheeks
they look rosy and cute to me...
but unfortunately they are jaundice patch!

dad's idea

he wasnt happy isnt that obvious?

so mommy says ENOUGH!

16 June

Next day, he has to go back to the Hospital to check on his SB
because the night before he wasn't drinking much.
bad sign for a jaundice baby

clearly the car seat is too huge for him.

we should get a car seat carrier, specifically for infant.
then he would get all the support at all the right places.

too bad, we decided to make do without one and directly let them (both boys) seat on this Aldo seat, claiming to be suitable for newborn to 4 yrs old. 0kg - 18kg.

he was warded again on the same day.

i know, it is so wrong.
i did not buckle him.
how to? he is so tiny

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Third month

 this is his aunt - gu gu
in love with this picture.
cropped by his godmom.

had his 3 months old jab yesterday, second Dtap vaccine.

he was 38 celcius when we came home from work. one dose of syrup paracetamol was all he needs. he doesn't know how to drink from syringe. so some medicine dribbled down his mouth.

length: 61cm. weight : 5kg

his mom's weight is still stuck at 54kg. 4-5 kg heavier than before.

no dieting for me. crap. i dont want to take the risk of decreasing breast milk if i do so. so yeah, gonna live with it at the moment. sigh.

the voluntary sacrificial .....

at 3 months old, mittens should be off!

he can recognize my voice. he loves to talk! and he begins to put his fingers into his mouth *wince*

im thinking of defaulting his next LFT blood taking since he gets fairer now. serum bilirubin should be dropping. goodbye jaundice!

ALSO! i think u guys would love to hear this.

this week was my first week of work. on monday morning i sent him over to babysitter's house and when i came home, i cried! was running late for work, so i teared all the way to work. --_______--'''

generally, i am wrecked! KO together on his last feeding, either 8 or 9pm and i'll get up again at either 1am or 3am to pump milk.

my alarm rings at 5am and i leave home at 7.30am, still i failed to complete all the household chores.

i am in an emotional havoc now.

here i am, blogging at 3am =)

how not to melt ?

Cabbage smoothies

menu & shopping list: from green smoothie habit

Day 1: Who Knew? Green Smoothie
Day 2: Feel Better Green Smoothie
Day 3: Beautiful Skin Green Smoothie 
Day 4: Thirst Quencher Green Smoothie 
Day 5: Carrot Top Green Smoothie
Day 6: Anti–Oxidant Green Smoothie 
Day 7: Cherry Chard Green Smoothie

 recipes for green smoothies

Read Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer Risk by 40 Percent; Cooking Destroys Benefits

half carrot. 5 leaves of cabbage, 1 orange, 3 slices of pineapple (with core- they are edible and healthy).

good blenders will blend the core until it is smooth and fine hence do not discard the core.

beautiful orange hue

too bad im breastfeeding hence raw cabbage is a no-no for me. 

last night we had pineapple with kangkung and ginger. more ginger this time. oh man! i love the zing the ginger gives! LOVE this combination!

anything with pineapple is delicious i suppose.

this morning was kangkung and 3 kiwis with chia seed. slurp!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

we love you but we cannot buy everything that you want

hubs and i were both chatting in the car and he wanted to talk so he raised his hands and yelled "excuse me!" we think thats funny

my little darling's drawing in school.

no he doesnt want to be my darling.
he wants to be my KJ, he says.

kj's understand of words are AMAZING

he was pissed that daddy didnt get him chocolate panda biscuit (hello panda) for him when we were at the supermarket tonight.

you love me, u must buy. u dont love me, u must buy for me.

i dont love u, u buy for me also.

cries and wails.

we love you but we cannot buy everything that you want.

it is expensive. we buy when it is not that expensive OKAY? O.O

i am angry u dont want to buy trochlate panda biscuit for me.

but i wanttttttt. wails again. 

then we had an idea. we told him he is eating too much junk food in aunty's house. if he stops eating them in aunty's house, we will consider buying him the Hello Panda biscuits.

"are u eating junk food in aunty's house?"
"yeaaaa" he replied.

well, im elated he is expressing anger this way. we should not suppress their anger. we adults get angry as well so i must think of some ways to encourage him to express his anger positively.

i thought ive read somewhere about brains are horrible these days. very forgetful

anyway this boy created a wee bit of scene in the market, which he usually dont.

at most he will say "mommy, buy this for me tomorrow ok?"
everything will be tomorrow. i'll just nod.

he now sleeps at 9.30pm-10pm. we are trying to push his sleeping hour earlier. noon nap for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

shopping for shoes

he was infatuated with buying shoes and trying on shoes for a moment.

at around april-may this year.

he zoomed into shops and put on the shoes on his own.

the sales assistant layan him.
not only this one.
a few others did too!

he was on a quest for red sports shoe.

we ended up buying him a black shoe with red nike tick which is now worn as his school shoe.
or else i have to buy another black or white shoe for him.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Home activities

Sept 7

mom's trying to do something beneficial with the son

we took a step further.

made a triangle using the 3 sets of knobbed cylinder and just when he was about to complete it,
 mami, this is too easy. (furrowed eyebrow)
come, u help me. he muttered.
means he wants to finish it quickly.
too easy? i was astonished.
yess, come, we do together.

finally! he likes this popping game!
his dad found him concentrating popping this on the bed for a good 15-20 mins?
this, im impressed.
i mean the length of time.
trying to work on his concentration.

previously he was not interested in bubble wraps when i introduced it to him.

he couldnt pop hence didnt like it.

so i guess he has not reached his sensitive period for that yet at that time.

Sept 8
first moon cake ever?

favorite:  red bean flavor

oats with milk, cranberries and bananas

he actually ate this gunk!

*pump fist in the air*

feels triumphed!