Saturday, 28 June 2008

i want summer cider!

my usual lunch

ham + wholemeal bread + salsa sauce + spinach
birthday treat!
home-cooked fried rice
BEST FOD that i have tasted so far in SCOT!

thank u so much!!!

also a bithday treat :)
birthday present from housemates
many thanks!

another birthday treat
breakfast prepared by a very kind soul
tsk tsk
she's a potential
im thinking of how to introduce her to my brother! LOLS!
thank u very much girl!
i am very touched! =))
went to the Goose for dinner on thursday.
picture curi-ed from weithian's facebook :p

(sterling sign)3.99
Meal & Drink deal on selected burgers and sandwiches
so i picked Cajun Chicken Caesar

Lamb Shank
he needs to pump up himself with proteins
fish fingers or something like that
eric's as well
mine is Apple & mango
Missey Flora claims that her Orange & Passion Fruit tasted better

the sauces.
most restaurants here serve them this way

went to the Muse on friday, after we failed to secure a table in The Counting House.
it was friday evening so the place was ABSURDLY CROWDED! christ.
people were mingling and standing with beers on their hands.
yes it was crowded to this extent.
i will not give up.
i will return for their linguini (recommended by yieng and flor)
till then i will show you the photos of this restaurant.

anyway, back to Muse.

i craved for something soupy so we ordered a soup.
the soup of the day turned out to be minestrone soup
priced at 2.50
odd though, i do not have the impression of minestrone to be this way. it wasnt the same as what i used to had in KL.
whatever :)
this soup is great, but if only it can be SOUPIER!
i actually suggested that we get some meat or veggies and go home and cook maggi mee! will have lotsa soup ma...:p
Nachos which Trisha adores:)
nachos 4.50 + all the sauces and toppings 2.50

the carnivore's rib eye steak

haddock (fish and chips) 5.95
that's his profession

glad that he came and glader that he had fun! it is a two different thing :)

gotta thank him for introducing me to Cider, something like strongbow and M something.

only regret is not to continue with the drinking session last night!
nevermind one lah...will have another chance :)

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