Friday, 18 April 2008

i met Wendy in Pyramid


prefer CJ's

what is this miss? i asked
it's a soup! she replied
complements the fries
the "soup" - beans, onions and beef
he claimed that it was a tad salty
but healthy nonetheless

i still prefer Carl Jr.
the food above summed up to RM27++

watched THE THREE KINGDOM after Wendy's.
unfortunately, i forgot to use the student card. sobs.
*we should not be that extravagant y'know*

gotta stop living decadently.

for the past few days, ive watched TomyamGung - fell asleep mid-show and Ron Clark's story. the latter tells a very touching true story of a teacher.

now i want to watch THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM!



kxin said...

wa recently so free so kut lat? 1 day few blog post lo :P

this wendy u did told me b4 rite? after the carls junior

kia go makan if got time... eh i still haven't get the chance to makan "Char siew fan" at Jln Tong Shin there... XD

curiositykills said...

i sit here for 6 hours leh yday!

yeah! i think i did mentioned to you about Wendy :)

dont want ler! dont want to go to Wendy liow. i bar western food for now, preparing myself for UK actually. heeh

yes yes! aiyah..u reach evening don get to eat charsiew d ler..ermm..let's go eat some chinese stuff or malay k? ;) plssss..ehehhehe

curiositykills said...

oh...or indian! :D

kxin said...

ok sure sure.... sister will pick me up and send me to sungai long... u at sungai long right?

curiositykills said...

nope! there's a change of plan!
i'll inform u then :)