Saturday, 31 January 2015

dec 2013 to jan 2014

dec 4th 2013
school's field trip

visited the morning market near school

definitely not a shy boy as he stood in front of the group
they were dancing to some songs

which kid would say no to ice cream?


Travelling back for CNY 2014

he loves airasia's chicken rice

we cant have too many carseats so we only keep one car seat back in west msia

plane rides are more pleasant with babies than toddlers

jan 15 2014

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

sausage rolls

ive done this so many times this month!

this will be my favourite bread recipe for now!

what is the criteria for a good bread recipe?

no 1. 
texture of baked products is excellent! soft and tasty!
easy to shape!

some recipe gives sticky dough, which is difficult to shape.

just blob them into the bread tin and bake.

no 3.
dont need to make starter dough.
no nonsense recipe
just make right away , whenever we feel like it

why do i say so?
tang zong bread means we need to plan in advance.

sometimes our schedule is spontaneous so it is difficult to plan in advance
i like to plan in advance but with 2 kids in tow and a spontaneous husband,
it is better for me to let go. -____-''''
musnt get so up-tied, according to hubs.

fluoridated or non fluoridated toothpaste?

 19 months old this month!
2 months back i brought little Matty to the dentist.
he has early infant caries. sigh

so being the paranoid mum, i quickly text the cousin in australia to buy home some toothpaste for the boys.

check out the Maclean Milk Teeth toothpaste! for 0-3 years old.

in fact, babies should and can use fluoridated toothpaste.

when i told the dentist that i have been purchasing non-fluoridated toothpaste for my babies, she was astounded! she doesnt know there exist such toothpaste!

even if the babies/tot cant spit, they can still use the non-fluoridated toothpaste. the amount will not cause fluorosis.
my bad, i havent been reading on it. i made the decision to purchase non-fluoridated by just listening to other mums' suggestion.

why do i need to get these toothpaste across the ocean?
because i do not like the idea of buying Coca-cola flavoured toothpaste. or any fruity funny flavours for my children.
i prefer toothpaste to be mint.

and i want them to be able to transit easily to adult toothpaste in future.

Matty is ok with Mint.

before the √°rrival' of these toothpaste from Au, i asked the babysitter to apply very very very ultra thin layer of adult toothpaste for him.
initially it was spicy for him, but after a few times, he got used to it. good boy! :)

 check the flavour! Mild Mint Gel!
kind-hearted cousin bought so many tubes! i think it could last them the entire childhood! serious!

KJ is now using adult Colgate- 24 hours. because our favourite paeds dentist recommended it. she claimed that that is the only toothpaste so far which is quoted in papers.