Saturday, 8 October 2016



kj came home from school and was excited about his school trip in the morning.

they visited a primary chinese school in Putatan earlier in the day.

kj: mummy! do you know who i sat with on the bus today?

me: no, who?

kj: i sat with xxxxx. and do u know what, she is my girlfriend!
and he stopped and waited for my response.

i paused. looked at him.
me: oh! thats awesome! 
and i give him a smile :)

kj perplexed.
kj: why did u say that? my friends all said eeeeyerrrrrr and why didnt u say that?

me: really? why do i need to? they ARE your girlfriends because she is a girl right?

kj just walked away........-____-'''

but anyway, i wanted to remind myself that children is a white piece of paper. they learn by watching us.
our every move are being observed. smirk
 brilliant idea!!

why do you need expensive toys or fischer price or yada yada

hence i am now slowly learning to let go and sell off some of their toys...
it is definitely not easy especially the educational ones like the magnetic cards, or my montessori stuff
it does make me feel miserable not being able to use them now

 kj couldnt wait for me to prepare his dinner so he dived in by scooping rice into his bowl
what amazed me was he also helped himself to the vege!
well trained this guy! ;)

thats our no2...eating every few hours...:D

cant wait for the mumdad to tear the chicken for him so he lunged forward and attack!