Thursday, 17 April 2008

lost focus

make reasons for more reasons

"yerr...look at your photography! so blur!"

"im too hungry to focus ma"

conveniently ignored me and dived/dove into the noodle.
ordered a second bowl.

ive always loved people with big appetite

go on!
go on and impress me!

PS: ive always known your level of aptitude in this field

shin kee beef noodle in jalan tengkat tong shin
this place is more delicious than soong kee.
the soup tastes beef-ier than the one in soongkee.

Merman has been patronizing this stall numerous times after my first introduction to him.

however, i have been wanting to bring him to Yang Kee in OUG.
we'll see if the chance comes.

we shall allow him to make the verdict aye?

btw, if you guys are wondering why i am still updating my blog as i should have gone home? hee. mom's busy so i'll linger a little while more.


kxin said...

beef balls again ... :drool: even more.... wei ipoh punya beef ball at rainbow town there chun man!! sos juga special...

curiositykills said...

wu nia boh???

i shall make a stop-over then

eh! i just another beef ball place in PJ!
so when r u going down to KL? fri? what time? let me know so that i can make arrangement! ;)
half-excited d! =))))

kxin said...

lol as soon as class finish lo... but class ends at 2 -.- swt... reach there around 730 dinner time d -.- dun worry as soon as u see me u will be fully excted d ^^

curiositykills said...

AREE you SUREEE??? see u i'll be excited? lols

eh where are u going to change money? think i'll do it in KL on fri/thur.
u want me to change for u? maybe we exchange in 'bulk' we can get a better deal?

aww..u still have class on that day huh? poor chap :)

kxin said...

still din decide mayb ponteng and rach KL earlier? :P see first la!!

Of course!! i'm a person who bring laughter and joy ;) lolzzz perasan

curiositykills said...

perasan? evidently!
ponteng?? hey u better!! haha
not i teach u wan har!
u sendiri suggested! honestly, i didnt even tot of it! so since uve mentioned it, might as well right?
hey! we r departing super early on sat so u'd beter b in KL EARLY on fri! we go for dinner then get a good night's rest! :))