Thursday, 6 March 2008

Devi's Corner, bangsar

Engraved on the chair. rich!
This outlet (pic above) is opposite Delicious.
The other outlet has turned into BN's Operation Office for the upcoming election! (pic below)

Sour Lassi RM1.20
It is yogurt.
You could opt for Mango lassi/sweet lassi..etc for more flavours.

I've been craving for this!
I'll only take tosai/roti canai/capati with lots of kuahs!
With generous supply of dhal and sambal.
Trisha would know :)
and Laura
and now Kish

He'd be a vegetarian today and tomorrow so he had to eat lots of meat gao-gao (secukup-cukupnya) the day before, which was yesterday lah.

That's cute:)

The chili chicken was no kidding spicy!
Even Kish cannot withstand.
Initially he thought it was honey chicken before the spicy-ness worked its way. lols
Roti telur RM1.50
Normal tosai RM1.20
Look at the kuahs!
Finished 'em all!

Note this. Devi's corner is an indian restaurant, not mamak.
I wasn't really aware of this.
Sometimes people would just grouped it as 'mamak'.
It has become a...urm...
im not very good with words you see.
For example the word fuck.
It has become the norm that people tend to forget the real meaning and use it as they like.
For convenience, we too, use the word mamak when referring to places which sell roti canai and its 'family' - nasi lemak,teh tarik, blablabla.
The word has already been infused into our culture.

But i have a feeling some people would be particular, thus feel offended.

This is debatable.

I forgot to take photos of the proprietors wearing the BN button tags.
Wont they worry that this will affect their business in the long run?
You will never know. Some die-hard party members might not want to patronize your shop?
Well, you wont know what goes behind the door. I mean between the restaurant and the politician.

That's all for today!
Oh wait, this was where we went to yesterday when we couldnt find NewLaySin.


Trisha said...

yeah man.. i wun feel paiseh to order lotsa curry n sambal when eat with u.. cus u do the same thing;p

siao ar u.. still food trip in kl.. gosh...

curiositykills said...

yeah! lols! so that makes me enjoy mamaking with you! =)
food trip in KL..yep..till PK n getting fatter! ugh!