Saturday, 1 March 2008


had a hearty and healthy korean meal on Saturday night.
wanted to post this that night itself but something was wrong with blogspot, could not upload the photos.
anyway, here goes...

the shop is not exactly conspicuous

this metal plate was encrusted on the menu

the interior of the shop

Octopus and Kimchi Porridge RM 12.95, M size

free refills. this 'rule' should apply to all korean restaurants i was told. by a korean,yep.
kimchi, beef and garlic thingy

i want more!!!

Beef and Bulgogi BiBimbob in Hot Stone Bowl RM25.95

preserved chillies, sauce, kimchi
tastier than porridge!
after tasting this, it made my porridge a little bland. porridge is meant to be that way,no?
i still love my porridge nevertheless ;p

Korean pan-fried beef, vegetables and seafood with egg RM19.95

wont order this again though. little normal

the bowl

the loo!
*caught me in surprise*
an unpretentious restaurant having THIS KINDA TOILET BOWL??

i want to revisit! 
gotta be a ardent pumpkin lover so i need to try their pumpkin porridge!

Merman wanted newzealand after this but there wasn't a NZ kiosk nearby so off we went tothe nearest coffee bean. knew he would get Malibu! anyway, usual me, they were having this Peach frappucino and i couldn't resist the temptation of not ordering, sobs,
"one Peach blended please!:)" while pointing to the little poster on the counter.
it was normal lor. malibu tastes better, also sweeter compared to the Peach.

we made a conclusion here. never visit the Coffee Bean outlet in OUG plaza.
they ought to go back for training.
either that, or they are 'kiamsiap' with their ingredients. bah


weithian said...

So that was the korean shop that you mentioned the other day? located kat mana? tak cakap pun! aiseh :( haha!

looks good, more better from what i've seen. But i've eaten alot of korean food at aussie, it makes me sick. Ah~ I wanna go for ONCE before i fly :)

and you really bought that jersey yourself?! wow. or he bagi punya:) it looks like ur bro's.somemore both couple sama sama pakai ars. oi mehhh? so *lovely* eeww GELI nya! hhahahahha.

curiositykills said...

opss sory! paiseh paiseh. a lot more stories to tell but no time leh. i could sit and blog d whole day but....:S... hee

anyway, it's at desa sri hartamas. it's opposite the medan selera thingy. yep! should go try :) perhaps can bring him :)

korean food in aussie? whoa, okay, better than me. i had vegetarian chinese food :( and i was brewing each time i passed by those fastfood chains. hee
oh yeah girl, forgot to ask if u had their Krispy Kremes? i had once ny :(

noler, it's his larrr...:(
:p sendiri say and sendiri geli -.-"

Trisha said...

hey.. sweat.. i noticed the jerseys.. lol..

Flora said...

hahaa. i love korean food!!!

apuu... couple tee eh? u wear his he wear yours. LOL.

i despise you arsenal fan! haha nah lar just kidding. i love arsene wenger de.. XD