Thursday, 6 March 2008

am i GROOVY?

Pyramid oulet, opposite J Co Donuts.
Came here last night for dinner.

Sushigroove House Salad RM4.90
Give me the money and i can make this for you

Gyu Tamago Don RM14.90
Sliced beef with vegetable omelette on rice
Sushi Zanmai's better

Not to say this was bad. It think it was good but it's just that Merman claimed that Zanmai was better.
I'm not very sure if his view is biased. hee

Potato Portabella Pancake RM6.90
The science of pancake and potatoes. 

Battleship Horenzo Roll RM9.90
Crispy inari wrapped roll, filled with baked salmon and spinach! Yummy!
I think so otherwise

Merman didn't allow me to order Lionking or other Spicy ones.
Very 'wei' meh having chili padi in sushi? :S

Wasabi Ice-cream RM6.90
"We could only come for this next time" he said

their 'sleek communal table' 
so that you can groove strangers sitting next to you
and they have a Hot Wall. Does it gives you a warm feeling? doesnt, to me.
The staff explained that lots of customers find it unique.
yea-lah...unique itu unique lar... ok lo.

What is this i asked, already suspecting what it would be actually.
True enough. some kind of loyalty card.
Spend 500 ringgit and get a RM50 voucher and a free dessert of your choice.
*wrinkled face*
"Did u tell them we're not coming again?" i grinned.

no idea why they gave us 2 receipts.

Summary: won't go again.
Should have asked them for a scoop of Wasabi ice cream and Black pepper ice cream each.
Nevertheless, i think i could guess how the latter would taste like.

Well, i prefer authentic sushi/japanese food. groovy ones doesnt sync with my tongue in this case.
Anyway, who wants this card? i would happily give it away~

1 comment:

weithian said...

Boo to sushi groove. I've tried that long time ago @ 1u outlet. too groovy for me.

haha. and your merman is very the fussy laaaa~ suipian my headddd! -.-|| i've tried the chili padi one tho. normal ni lah~

its just like taking cili padi and put it on top of your sushi! haha XD

I want to try zanmai!!! but saddist the vain guy tak makan!!!! isssshhhh!!!