Sunday, 30 November 2008

white flakes

tuesday and thursday heavy snow???

and i hate u!!!!!

i was jst thinking of tambun peah!

miss it more than cendol!!!!




Saturday, 29 November 2008


i bet all of you have heard about the "love-hate affair", havent u?

there are actually many hate-love situations in our daily lives.

here's a few example.

u love chocolates, but u know...:S the consequences of it. how it affects your health and wallet and what not... so u love and hate chocolates at the same time.


u love baking and cooking, one word, messing up in the kitchen, but u hate washing up. clearing up the mess you've created.
does this ring a bell?


you love playing with snow...but how u hate the cold..your nose freezes....nose..and yadayada...


my point is...

what i would like to share is...


about my love- hate affair...
ne ne nee....

i know u ppl very pat one :p
it's about my computer lar. :p
my mac.
book pro.

i knowwwWWWWW. not pro but use still want to use pro :p
william cheah is just jealous!

i was so distressed with my comp!
hasnt been good to me ever since i came here.



i begin to discover more complications with my machine.
which really stresses me out!

imagine the torment of not having a computer if i were to send it for repair!



i decided to do it pronto
thus i went to the Genius Bar this evening.

i complained about how i have already been to their bar for 3 times and problems are still unsolved.

he couldnt help me to sort out about the FB in Safari and also imail viewing videos. crap.

well, since he said he doesnt know. what can i do?
stab him?

so we moved on to the MAIN PART!
my battery!

thanks to leen! if it weren't for her! i would be clueless and didnt know that the battery is one of the culprit of the entire nightmare!
i feel fortunate actually. it is like, one thing leads to another.

first was, a recommendation to download iStat. thank u. then kaypo kaypo, we compared our stats....

then leen explained what they mean...and recommended me to calibrate my batt. that was when i REALISED that the batt is rotten! blargh!


back to the genius bar.

the fella POOFED! went off and came back 5 minutes later with a new battery.

replaced it.

with no queries. or interrogation.

told me my batt was faulty. so he has replaced a new one. should be fine now.

then he said i can leave!!! can u believe it???
no leceh red tape!!!
in malaysia u would have to go through hell before they would replace something for you, under warranty. and give u nasty faces.


so, how cool is that???

tell me!! HOW COOL IS THAT???

it goes without saying, I AM IMPRESSED!!!!

u kid me not!!

just like that?? all done??

and i sneaked a look at the price on the box, it was printed £99.99!!!!!

my! my!

ive just saved myself 100pounds! *phew*


although i hate mac sometimes..i love it at times...

most of the time to be exact:))

oh..and i dont quite fancy being jibed about my mac.

are they jealous or what?


im not like william cheah.


i did not go about trashing windows or other comps. nor did i mengagong-agongkan mac.



i resent a certain someone!

purchased a new mbp, with better specs. what's painful is, the new machine is CHEAPER than mine!!! albeit not much..but still!?!?!?!??! im goddam envious!!! pfttt!!


ok la...

i know u guys are bored of words.

let me load some photos ;)


stollen rocks!
i loveeeeeeeee em!
they are WICKED!
no pun intended.
u love them. at the same time, u DESPISE THEM!
cause they are FATTENING!!!!

and the marzipan choc bars!!!!

marzipan mit scholade
with hazelnut praline
can see the layers ;)
hazelnut praline filling on top

so mooreish!

pok kai d!!!

they dont come cheap! :(

oh..remember who is paying? ;)

but my conscience couldnt get pass me.
so i paid for the second bill.

that should be all...

oh no wait...
since i did so much shopping,
was a little heart broken when i saw popcorns in Aldi just now, selling at a lower price.
it is cheaper than my toffee popcorn from Tesco
yet i was foolishly happy, thinking ive gotten a good deal as that popcorn which i bought was already discounted.
tsk tsk

k lah..

*rub eyes*

did i say that the popcorn in Aldi is in bigger packet?

k la...
enough of corns :p



Wednesday, 26 November 2008

i love wednesday!

im a happy girl today!!

i went to tesco early in the morning and for the first time, bought everything that i like! everything that i want, with no restrictions!
without feeling the pinch!

bought everything that is in the list. and also those not in the list. 

all thanks to mom! because i charged it on msian card! not the cards here!

so i shopped with a free-heart! woohoooO!!hiakhiak!

however! something awful happened at the end of it. sigh.
thank god i checked the receipts after i walked like for 300m. so i dashed back and got a total refund of about £8!!! can u believe it! although it is not a hefty sum, but still! it is 8 freaking pounds! so people! please check, double check your receipts before leaving.who cares if the cashier gets offended. either your wallet hurts, or worry about not offending the cashier. the choice is yours :p

anyway anyway,

let me tell u what i bought.

bought ice creams! crisps! tortillas! nacho! chocolates! of course, it is a must! :p 
tuna (this is healthy) canned peas (my fav fav fav!!) please buy Harry Ramsden peas! they rock!

oh can i not forget!! POPCORNS! toffee popcorns!! i have refrained myself from movies for the past week! so i WILL enjoy and treat myself to a movie, in my room *pouts* with a bag of popcorn! mom belanja, so dont have to worry about the price conversion :p
u dont know how upset i was when i didnt have the "heart" or rather i cant ignore the guilt to get myself a popcorn when i went to the cinema the other time. 

thus far, i have to resort to these, 2 boxes of microwaved-pop-your-own-popcorns when it was on sale in tesco previously. they were my only purchase of popcorns.
kesian isnt it?
well, this merely shows that im a good girl, hmm? ;)

this is the one that i just bought.
Butterkist Toffee popcorn

i bought wine gums too!

and milk! mOO milk!

guess that is about all!

oh and i am really going bonkers with PENGUIN! no, not the real penguin. its THIS penguin!!!

it is similar to Timtam. another version. eat it just like how u eat a Timtam ;) or they taste equally good on its own!

aiyaks..i shouldnt promote so much food stuff here, for fear that..ahem..someone fatty bommbomm see all these and want me to buy for him :p

my mom is going to kill me knowing that ive spend ** pounds on all these!! yay!!! rejoice!!!

dont u people dare leak out to my mom k!!!
Carte D'Or
i shall wait for madagascar and eat this while watching the movie! ;)
*lame..i know :p*
anyway, this is one only one of the icecream which ive purchased.
will show the rest at a later date.

orange intense, chilli, 70% cocoa (they have 85% as well but thought it would be too bitter for me), ginger
realized they are all dark?
i like dark stuff :p
dark things
dark people

u know..i was just thinking...
and weeshen
my ex-housemates
and IMU

oh shoot! i forgot to buy LINDOR!!!! argGHH!!!
they are FABULOUS!!!!
one of the best choc! when u dont want to spend so much on godiva!
omgGGG!!!! wasted!!!!!

alright alright
before i end..

opss wrong photo.
isnt this red cluth gorgeous>????
i want a red bag!!!!
no, this is not aunty.
dont u dare say it is aunty! :S u have no taste. 


would like to make a little dedication to mom.
thanks mom, for everything.
who doesnt know how thrifty you are.
how super de kiamsiap you are.
yet u asked me, urged me to go out and shop.
thinking that retail therapy would helped.
asked me to buy anything that i want.
that's not all.
climax is, you asked me to charge to your card!
i mean my card.
who cares if it is not a gold card?
mom actually went to the bank and enquired if i can get a gold.
(dah-lah cannot get gold, dont have to ask about platinum or others d)
it seems that the bank doesnt issue you a card according to your savings in bank?
well, who cares?
as long as i have a card.
this is not a supp card.
so means i will die literally if mom doesnt pay for my bill.
tell me, who has their own card at this age?
all that you have done!
all that you have not done!


ps: that hideous phone beside it? sony ericson phone. i finally got rid of it. pfftt. it sucked big time!

RE-EDIT: no wait!! dont get the wrong impression! i dont love mom MERELY for the issuance of this card! wrong wrong wrong!
this is not the factor at all!
right, ok, have to get things straight
thank u

Friday, 21 November 2008


he says it will snow tomorrow!

will it will it?

glasgow will snow tomorrow!?!?!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

they say,
before others can love u,
u need to first love yourself.
or is it love yourself before you love another?

which is true?

are they a myth or a fact?


i am falling in love with....


not very pretty

yay! i bought a shade!
ahem ahem...

i like the sides
*check check mirror a while*
*hmmm....* said to self
lame pose
sui boh???

say it! tell me its nice!


more photos coming up!

self narcissist in the making

stay tuned folks!

reedit: thank u gurls for the red sign! :)) it was VERY mch appreciated!! *grin* xoxo!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

im in love

if yOu BeLieve

Current mood: cold...:p i know its not a mood..but oh well...

I close my eyes and even when I’m sleeping I’m alright 
Cause you are in my life 
Once upon a time 
I only imagined this 
And now you’re mine 
Wished for you so hard 
Pray that you’d find me 
Maybe you’re here today 
Here to remind me 

If you believe that dreams come true 
There’s one that’s waiting there for you 
Cause I believed when I saw you that when you want something enough 
Then it can’t escape your love 
There is nothing in the world that cannot be 
If you believe 

Everybody said that I was a fool to think that we connect 
(Everybody said that) I couldn’t get my heart out of my head 
They just didn’t see 
No they just couldn’t know 
The feeling that you get 
The places that you go 

If you believe that dreams come true 
There’s one that’s waiting there for you 
Cause I believed when I saw you 
That when you want something enough 
Then it can’t escape your love 
There is nothing in the world that cannot be 
If you believe 

Never wished for material things 
Never needed wind in my wings 
I never wished for anything but you.... 
I can’t explain it 
Someone just told me 
Go where your heart is you’ll never be lonely 

If you believe that dreams come true 
There’s one that’s waiting there for you 
Cause I believed when I saw you that when you want someone enough 
Then they can’t escape your love 
There is nothing in the world that cannot be 
If you believe

Monday, 17 November 2008

hold onto your words

it's colddddddddd
at times......
ear muff!!!
she's the only one wearing ear muff! (at that juncture)
she is the second person i saw on street putting on one to be exact!
first was a guy in Argyll Street.
i want one too!!

i really, REALLY shouldn't splurge on THESEEEEE
Banoffee from Costa
second drink in one day.
first was Starbucks Gingerbread Latte.
it was horrible!!
i tak puas so i went to get something from Costa. and i chose Banoffee, which surprisingly, doesnt have any coffee in it?
it was made up from Banana smoothie and caramel, LOADSA caramel.
The Brits really love their caramels.
diabetic!! *shudder*
the shortbread (i think) crumbs topping was great nevertheless! ;)
some Xmas muffin from starbucks.
something belgium choc chunk.
the muffin and Gingerbread latte
my first starbucks here --> Dark Cherry Mocha.
was a lil disappointed.
Hot chocolate + orange in Costa tasted better than all the above!
it only has a tinge of cherry flavour in the mocha.
not great

M & S Bacon Rasher
morning snack

this is the closest croissant that u can get here as compared to the ones in France!

here's introducing my "colleagues"
the HOT jewish wasnt on duty
how sad, dont have her photo
and these 2 chap! played with the wigs!

and him! the guy on the right!!
poke my cheek!!
how dare him!!!!
i dont quite fancy him!
he kept on pester customers to buy MORE items.

k, that's all!
im jaded...

im jaded



jaded jaded


Saturday, 15 November 2008

when there's no turning back

can u spot the photographer? ;)

i should have gotten this!!!!
sakit hati

i have too much hatred in me!


Thursday, 13 November 2008

food = energy = life

recommend this if you like dumplings :)

cadbury bournville cocoa dark choc and cadbury drinking chocolate.
try the red one if you fancy bitter chocolate drink. super bitter i kid u not
yoplait yogurt pouch!
miss China's yogurt pouch :(
abc soup
cant beat the ones in france..but will do...
better than nothing la right...:)
try M&S's! they are good!!
bacardi breezer orange flavour.
we have this in malaysia also right?
scallop porridge
yakult and kinder bueno
chocolate brownie cheese cake
had 2 slices! ehee
organic apple!
freshly plucked from the apple tree!
costa coffee
americano for me
and also for the rest ;)

coffee break
mygawd! ice creams going at half price!!