Wednesday, 30 October 2013

luffy goes to school!

30 oct 2013

Sunday, 27 October 2013

what happens in dental clinic

march 25

he always gets to hold the mirror
no idea why they do that.
to distract him?

dr. su asked him to look at the mirror

he gets to hold the 'suction' item

fast forward. he had his dental appointment again early this month. this time he says This is for girl - referring to the pink spectacles.

the kind dentist replied Oh boy can also wear pink.

and he talks throughout the procedure.

before his number was called into the room, he says Mommy im happy to see you.
darn, he just knows how to hit the happy button huh?
and i think i was beaming like a lunatic, he said it over and over. -_______-

then he says Mommy i want to sit on your lap.

i was like O.O. where did he learn the word lap.

then i found out today. he learned it in school from Ms yong. ms yong asked him to sit on her lap. ahhh, mystery solved.

there were a couple of things such as Complex words.

he utters complex words and we were like WOW, he learned that in school? no doubt i was impressed, and shot a look at his dad.

then one day his dad came home and disclose " honey you'll be sad to discover this. he learned complex words through Leapfrog."

oh well. whatever. i was the one buying Leapfrog for him anyway :p

he could also read the numbers on the ticket. zero four zero five. not a new discovery. ive already knew he could read 0 to 10.

this morning he woke up suggesting to stay home. he says this is school. im not sure if we were on the same wavelength but i'd like to think of it as play school? this makes me happy.

yesterday morning he said he wanted to go to aunty's house. why i questioned. i dont want to go to school because the teacher will scold me he responded.

coming back to his teeth, he is having more dental caries. definitely brings down my mood.

hence he is now in the high-risk group since they found a new cavity. he will still be in this group if each time he comes for review and there are new cavity found. appointment will be every 2-3 monthly.

Dr Su advised to switch to fluoridated toothpaste.

the adults at home are using Darlie and one Houseman used to share with us that her professor from UMS says colgate is better.

when i brought up this issue with Dr su, she says she is not aware. but she did came across papers supporting the use of Colgate 12hour.

she says that kj should be using adult toothpaste now. they have higher flouride. how many ppm. since he is having new caries, the unfluoridated toothpaste is not sufficient. as long as he does not ingest the toothpaste, even if he does, in a year he wouldn not get fluoresis. 
anyway, im not worried because kj can spit and gargle very well. his dad even allows him to gargle his mouth with antiseptic mouth wash. (when his breathe smells terribly bad)

nothing much gets to be done during this dental visit. she only managed to fill 1 deep cavity and another hideous going-to-be-cavity. all are molars. 

the teeth..

home made pizza

thermomix pizza

this is to make the dough

pizza dough with herbs

mozzarella cheese

i do not like to buy shredded packet cheese

cubed it



flatten the dough

puree the tomato

olives, salami, capsicum
topped with cheese

pizza done!

sleep training

early september we managed to off the lights at night during kj's bedtime.
prior to this, lights must be on!
he will protest and yowl whenever we try to switch off the light.
he says "got moh gui" (there is monster)

of course, it was not easy during the first few days when we began the Darkness Operation.
we must be tough and not give in.

what we did:
1. give warning that lights will be off in 10 mins time.
2. give him a choice of whether he wants to switch off or daddy

i calmed him down by telling him that di-di will be in the room with him.
he must protect di-di.
if he is still afraid, then i'd say di-di will protect him.ekekke
he buys that. :p

we will also be in the room with him, while waiting for him to snooze.

as mentioned here, he was sleeping at 9.30pm - 10pm but now we have successfully pushed his sleeping time to 9pm-9.30pm!
*a pat on our back*

he'll wake up we will wake him up at 6.30am.
sometimes will get cranky if he is lack of sleep / sleep late.

nap for about 2 hours 12-2pm

thermomix stew bean paste pork ribs

i shall be honest.
i cant cook this from scratch.
like how my mom cooked hers.

so when they shared this recipe, i have to try.

turns out good!

i can now cook this from scratch.
my style.

Stew Bean Paste Pork Ribs Recipe
1.     500-550g of Pork ribs cut into 1 inch size.
2.     Treat your pork ribs to get rid of the foul pork smell
a.    Prepare a pot of boiling water & a pot of iced cold water
b.    Blanch pork ribs quickly in the boiling water and immediately immerse them in the iced cold water for a few minutes. Dish out the ribs and prepare for marinate.
3.     Marinate treated pork ribs with 1tbsp of bean paste(minced salted bean) for at least ½ hr
4.     Remove skin of 1 clove of garlic. Chop in TM Bowl; 5s; Speed 7
5.     Add 30g cooking oil; stir fry for 6 mins; Temp Varoma; Speed 1
6.     Add the marinated pork ribs with the bean paste; Add 1tsp of salted plum juice and 1 minced salted plum with seed. Cook for 20mins; Varoma; REVERSE; Slow stir.
7.     Prepare 2 large tomatoes(or 3 small ones); cut into 1cm cubes.
8.     Add cut tomatoes; Stir into the pork ribs to ensure that the sauces are not thickened at the bottom Cook for 5 mins; Varoma; REVERSE; Slow stir.
9.     Traditional cooking method would take about 1hr. If the sauce is not salty enough; increase the amount of bean paste and salted plum juice.

Mid autumn 2013

sept 28

given a choice, he prefers to play with older kids

home made tau fu fah
dr.C made the bean curd, and he is of course proud of it:)

he made a lot of other dishes too!
and one of it is "buddha jumping over the wall"

this year i ate till i had a mild allergic, swollen lips.

last year was fine, nothing happened :)

he likes the helicopter
the jie jie is shy


learned a few cooking tips from Dr.C

we dont have many friends in KK,
family friends.
i mean friends with family.

so we treasure such invitations ;)