Saturday, 17 January 2009

no more la tasca

yeah i know...
i mentioned that la tasca was desperate
but now u would think...
is latasca desperate or is it ME?

hello everyone!
my third visit to la tasca!

was pretty i only had...

Sapo Andaluza de Judias £2.45
Spanish-style tomato & bean soup

Espinacas a la Catalana £2.45
Sauteed spinach, with pine nuts, raisins and apple.


soup was a TOTAL disappointment!
bloody salty!

however, the vege dish made it!
love the juicy fat pine nuts!

please do not order this if it is not half price though.
cause i think it is not worth the amount charged.
oh u could figure this out on your own as well


cant wait to upload my photos for my next post!!
all the other food stuff has to be on hold!
have to make way for what-i-did-and-and-where-i-went-today aviticity!

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