Sunday, 4 January 2009


im back!!!
from london :(

london feels like a second home...

i didnt get to drink Lavazza coffee...

and my Square pie...
sigh..dammit. missed the square by BITS! stewpid!!!

and pastrami from Selfridges were terrific!!!

i dont know if its better than the one in New York... hahaa...
salted beef and mustard on rye bread from The Brass Rail

Welsh cake from Harrods Foodhall

the apple pie from Harrods is heavenly as well!!

oh train journey LONDON-GLASGOW CENTRAL was delayed.

Fatal plane crash causes rail chaos
Jan 2 2009
At least two people were killed when their light aircraft crashed into one of Britain's busiest railway lines.
Police said they could not rule out finding more bodies in the wreckage of the single-engine plane that came down in Staffordshire at around noon on Friday.
The aircraft hit power lines above the West Coast Mainline, leading to massive disruption for thousands of rail passengers travelling between London and north-west England or Glasgow.
British Transport Police confirmed that two people were killed.
A spokesman added: "Examination of the scene will continue and a further fatality or fatalities cannot be ruled out at this stage."
A Network Rail spokesman said all services through the heart of England between Rugby and Stafford were suspended until Saturday at the earliest as emergency services faced a "race against time".
Virgin Trains services between Euston and north-west England or Glasgow were also severely delayed. A spokesman for the operator said there were now two trains running to Manchester and one each to Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool.

for more stories.
and video of the crash scene.


misato. very commonly recommended
chicken katsu curry rice
korean chick
whom i think is reallly angelic
very pleasant to look at

peanut pastry £0.80
crunchy. and tasteless.
sesame cookie £0.80
tasteless too.

cafe TPT
red bean coconut.
mango and pomegranate.
mango pomegranate.
all £3.50 each.

an american restaurant
that's a musical box! :)
my peanut butter + banana shake!
the peanut butter!

had to go back for another drink before i come home on friday!
had Malted Oreos which was FAB!!!

anyway, thankfully i brought my laptop with me.

hence the train-delay didnt bother me much
i watched movies on train! wheeee

oh yeah, havent been updating about the movies which ive watched.

1. the real blonde (crappy!)
2. the love guru ( :S )
3. failure to launch ( soso)
4. four christmases ( :S)
5. love dont cost a thing (:S)
6. the secret life of bees ( :S)
7. elizabeth (okayokay)
8. high school musical 2 ( ok la...)
9. house of bunny ( ok ok)
10. fool's gold (its a crap)
11. chinese movie by charmaine sheh 美女食神(粤语)( okok)
12. Friday by chris tucker ( :S) wasnt paying attention when watching
13. bangkok. dangerous. by nicholas cage. (think ive watched before?)
14. forrest gump

think these days i can only watch CHICK FLICKS.
so my next movies would be :
the bratz. wedding date. crossroads.
yeah..movies of these sorts.
im getting bimbotic.

2 macs!
sat beside this black macbook guy.
i offered him movies.
as in, i asked him if he wanted to watch movie.
paiseh betul
u know how they are particular about piracy

then i shifted place....

more spacious
and with a plug. battery was running low ;)

anyway, i totally love madagascar!
the songs are highly enjoyable!
love em'!

where he dances


cute butt!!

i like the music here!

witch doctor!

moto moto

hot hot


i like this movie!!!


my camera is turning into a vegetable soon


jlshyang said...

misato is damn worth it la, don't u think so? gosh. missing london!

how come that bread on top looks like....err...pooh pooh. hahahaha

huiyin said...

lavazza glasgow also got lar what for try the one in london..LOL

kxin said...

told ya u won't regret to watch this... the whole movie makes me laugh non stop...

curiositykills said...


it is worthy! but portion like wanna feed pigs!!! -_-' :))) i am too!!! i am too!! im missing london!! :)) hey wut other good stuff r there in london? share share!! :))

pooh ur head lah!!! ahahahahh!!

i'll FAST on SALAMI on my nxt trip down! ahahahah


lavazza in galsgow? reli? wher wher?? pls dun ask me to get the powdered ones from tesco ah i tell u *dush*

yepyep! :) moto moto! ahahahha love this part! eh u have the soundtrack?? :D

eh me now watching another movie! bit dirty tho! but FUNNY! :D tell u d title later :)

kxin said...

o sorry so long din check >< is it the 2 guy one u told me yesterday? hahaha bet u enjoy the hairy caterpillar wakakaka to me its more to "mou lei tao" no plot eh... haha

curiositykills said...

yes..that's the movie :p

huiyin said...

haha oh please duh im not so lame lo...-.-
its in buchanan gallery lar 2nd floor...=)