Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dec 2012

 cheeky face

he thinks he looks cute so he was excited over this to-chang

at this age,
he says cater peter instead of caterpillar.

2 months pregnant
with a subchorionic hematoma.
could possibly be a twin.
layman : i had 2 sacs in my uterus and one of the sac collapse.
everything went well. the other sac survived.

the first trimester was AWFUL!
puked a total of...say 10 times in total.

first pregnancy, only ONCE. n that was because i had too much petai :p

well ive always encouraged him to be independent.

i thought when kids reach a certain age, they would begged for independence?
they would want to do things on their own, we cant help them?
not for him.
he always says he cant do it.
he doesnt know how to do it.

i cannot mummy. i cannot.


until now, he cannot wear shirts on his own.
he can put on his own pants, but they will be crooked.
given a chance, he will allow us to wear pants for him.
spoilt by aunty definitely.
he knows it so he bullies her.

Dec 2012

Parenting a toddler

makes me melt when i enter the room and see him in this position

i like this article Parenting a Toddler

how to be angry at him?
too adorable.

till now,
he loves his bro so much that he will kiss him goodnight, every night.
and he says that di-di likes him.
yes of course, you are the ge-ge mah, i must echo.
if i dont, he will ask me to say it. say the entire sentence ;)


TGIF The Curve

we love tgif, because they they have free kid's meal.

today, he tells us he wants Fish & fries.
the father read out the menu and he chose that.

2 years back, we ordered cheese toast and fries in Chillis but he did not eat any. he chose breast milk instead.

im not exactly happy dining at these places but we couldnt decide. oh well..once in a while.
u dont get this in KK anyway.

this little sweetie sleeps on the sofa while we filled our tummy.


he loves them!

the mommy's worried of course.

fish and fries, he repeated, till today he can remember.

hey that is american!
i told him fish and chips.
he says fish and fries.

1 Aug 2013

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hong Yi is in town!

i met Hong Yi!

actually i got to know her (i know her but she doesnt know me) through her mom.
her mom's blog actually.

u see, im quite a greedy person.
i love to cook and bake.
i love children.
i love gardening.
my goodness. with these few things i listed above, if enough to kill my 24 hours in a day.
there are sooooo many topics to read about regarding those things.

cooking and baking and family and children branches out to many things.

there are plenty of recipes, parenting, gardening (new hobby), and lots of related general things to read. so my safari is always busy. it is never empty.

since we are sharing computer, we have come to agreement that i use safari while my partner uses chrome.

well, sometimes when my safari is too full, i will hop over to chrome. heh.

anyway, back to hongyi. aunty terri has always been my idol.
please hop over to her blog Daily Obsession.

i follow her blog since uni days and guess what! i am at KK, where she is! and guess what again, i went to her house once when she had a party! :p
that is how crazy i am.

u must look at her cookings. her bakings.

she herself is a terrific person.
and she has brought up a terrific daughter.

so the whole family went to support her in Sutera Harbour Resort ;)

look where creativity leads her ...

i believe aunty terri has brought her up well...
i wish to do that to my children too! :D

Aung sang suu kyi
she uses flowers - carnation and soaked them in dyes.

i was a little shy.
cant imagine im doing it.

but she is an amazing lady!

thats KJ boy, hooked to the pond.

all kids are amazed with fishes.
the koi s are beautiful.
if i have a pond at home, i'd rear koi. no other fishes :)

26 Jan 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013

Party play Cafe

PARTY PLAY Lifestyle Cafe

The Ultimate Platter (For 2)

i was craving for western food BEEF when i was 3 months pregnant.

people say pregnant woman cannot eat lamb, for fear of the baby getting seizures.
however, hubs at that time thinks they are bull.

u know me. better not take chances.

however the mint sauce was splendid!

otherwise, the entire platter is just mediocre.

Party Play Signature Fried Rice
Mushroom & Garlic 

fried rice for this boy. his father thinks he can reproduce the same dish without a sweat.
indeed, i agree.

1 more month to 3 years old

Party Play is a favorite among the locals here.
we think the food they serve is average because my kitchen can cook the same meal!

no more party play for us.
not worthy

Jan 2013

Sunday, 25 August 2013

how to prepare citrus for consumption

 yellow watermelon

kj likes it initially.
ate it for 2 nights and on the third night, he says mommy can u buy red watermelon?

 peppermint, pumpkin seed, yellow watermelon, 1/4 lemon, coconut milk, 2cm of ginger

this is the correct way to slice off the lemon skin.
the rinds are good.

i do that to oranges as well.
reserve as much pith as possible.

watch Jay Kordich - The Father of Juicing, juices orange juice.

Apple craft

he cut the little pieces of paper and glued them onto the apple.

he actually cut his pants -____-
i think out of curiosity?
or just cheeky?

so i took away the scissors gently. no sound from him.
so means he is not that into cutting?

 glue. sticky fingers.

gluey gluey he says

he hates sticky slimy things?
just like how he can't play with slimy soft dough (flour+water)

each time his fingers touches the glue, he wants to wipe off.

 write A....and a....

 dot a dot.

'D' for doughnut.
'D' for duck.
'D' for dinosaur! he brightens up!!

he roared and i laughed. and he kept doing it. joker like his dad

pressed hard and long.

this teaches the child that he needs to apply the correct pressure

be gentle.
do it gently, i said.

mummy see i gently.

note the selection of colours.
quite apt i would say.

 in the midst of clearing up this activity,
he could stop at this stage and play with the bottles.
bring them out of the 'case' and shuffle and place them back.

 watch me and you will have your turn later.

this is a spoon. this is a bowl. this is a tray. later your turn ok?

ting dao ma?
li hai ma? li hai leh

this is a transferring activity under Practical Life.

he has been doing this so this time i substitute the ingredients.

its chickpeas last night.

and check out the above photo.
he hold and tilt the bowl so that he could scoop the remaining peas?

no one teaches him that.

in montessori classroom,
we are not allowed to correct.
and if im not wrong, he should not do it that way.
but i personally think its fine.
as long as he can transfer all the beans.

we did all the above activity in the store room last night.
cause daddy is watching EPL in the bedroom and matty's sleeping.
took us about 1 hour.

i should be more enthusiastic in conducting play school for him!
thats the term that we use.
he'll say mummy can we play school?

the house is in chaos and things are badly organized and im hating this.

wish i could freeze time and quickly move in.

their 'sensitive period' wont wait


i also feel quite miserable that I need to go back to work soon.

not sure if i can handle everything.
play school. nursing matty. housework. laundry. cooking. making smoothies.

24 hours aint enough!

credits must be given to the father of my children for he does most household chores now.
thank god for that.

Aug 2013

playing with pom pom

 mini pompom from Daiso

Note: i think he is not suppose to sit on the mat - montessori style.
montessori says children should be sitting outside the mat. not in.

but i actually thought him to sit INside.
so that he knows his play space.

at this age, he knows where to get the mat and he always chooses this orange round mat.

he refuses to roll the mat.
he will ask me to do it -_____-
and i did.
hardwork pays off i tell you :)
he began rolling the mat and bring to the basket (mat's home) few months back. woohoo!

 i kept quiet and watch him play.

then i try to sort...
he ignored me.

he is not into sorting despite my hint.

do what u want to do.

Nov 2012

Saturday, 24 August 2013

do u know which is cilantro and which is parsley?

 this is SOURSOP aka durian belanda.
i love this fruit!
google it if u dont know how it looks like.
sorry forgot to snap a picture before tearing them apart :)
best to purchase ripe ones.
because sometime the unripe wont ripe, or they will over-ripe if didnt check constantly.

soursop is ANTI CANCER fruit.
ha! tu-dia!
everyone will now run to grab this fruit! :D

i love its sweet and sour taste.

what i do now is that i buy and freeze them for later use.

storing fresh cilantro and parsley

btw, the picture above is how we should keep them fresh.

check out the experiments here on the best storage method.

i copy this site on how to keep the herbs fresh.

was confused which is which.
Left: parsley. Right: cilantro (daun ketumbar)

better view here.
have always thought cilantro is parsley is this while.

 soaked goji  berries (or wolf berries), 1 apple, 1 aus carrot, 1 green apple, a big bunch of parsley

 with one banana (as thickener) and almond milk
 the colour of the smoothie.

2.5 cups frozen soursop, 1 green apple, 1/4 lime, cilantro

kj must drink all the smoothies that i have made.
those that i think are delicious he'll have a bigger cup.
less palatable ones he'll get half cup.

there was only once, yesterday, i have no idea what was i blending. i did not think and i just chuck them in. was running out of fruits.
well, it turned out quite horrible so i had mercy.
he was spared.