Friday, 30 January 2009


i love you

u know how much i love you
how much im willing to do for you


word of the day:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sympathy is a social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding his or her feeling
im a lunatic
ive afflicted a mental bug
i sure do

one moment i am complacent with life
with what i have

another moment, i feel
my soul is going to burst within me
i am merely a mortal after all
i feel jealous...very jealous

not of material items..

but i feel jealous of ...
as strange as it may sound...
it is .sound. to me
pun intended
because i am merely a mortal, as mentioned.

this could also be one reason why i hate Fantasy.

~the path untaken~



i love you

wrote this last week

i hate empty promises

and i dont do things which i do not want others to do to me

stop rolling your eyes



ok. dont know why im so mean today

reporting from lab again :p

hate Nigel.

i gave up.

i couldnt be bothered with it anymore.

he aint coming to see us.

not concerned with our project.

so we just carry on ...

er..carry on with..something...

i suppose as long as im doing something to produce something



i G.I.V.E U.P!

so! what u see above are Ben & Jerry's ice cream

have i mentioned this before?

you can only get B&J in Cold storage in malaysia.

well, that's where i usually get them though.

im not sure if Carrefour carries them later on.

2 sorbets : Jamaican me crazy. Pineapple sorbet

and Mango Berry Swirl. Mango and berries

B&J Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice cream with Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Low fat frozen yogurt with chocolate brownie pieces

Haagen Dazs Limited Edition Ice cream : Raspberries & Meringue

huiyen: this is the ice cream which i was telling you about.

dug out the vanilla ice cream and meringue, leaving the raspberries ice cream behind.

it is not that palatable to me as i prefer THICK CREAMY ICE CREAM!

it has the word CREAM for a purpose!

for all sorbet-lovers!

u guys might as well stick to ICE LOLLIES! *stick tongue out*

Haagen-Dazs Baileys Original

Cadbury Roses chocolate

havent noticed this in malaysia.

according to trisha, msia has this?

didnt noticed :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


no surprises



but hey, i need to remind myself.
i shouldnt despair.

reason no 2: i should not harbour such evil desire.
such jealousy.

no sin sin

do no evil, speak no evil

reason no 1 is :


i have 5star friends!!!
who help me trek through the amazonia forest!

and who bakes cookies to fatten me! *i hate u*

and friends who crack me up! enlighten me with silly remarks!
send me songs! download songs for me!

be my messenger. be my everything *sounds a bit wrong*


i miss you people

i cant wait to grow up. and to do many more things with you people.



happy prosperity and may all you people who loves me be blessed with good health!

attaboy.inextinguishable hope


apart from this,

despite this,
even if they were not burnt,

i still feel blue

shouldnt it be RED or YELLOW at this time of the year?

aww cmon million!

dont be such a spoiler!


i really dont know what to feel

no people, you are wrong if u think i miss home

not to say that i am not filial or anything of those sorts,

but i just...dont feel....good...

u keep on repeating the same thing till u want to PUKE!
u puke once,
ok, tolerable
what about 2 times?
3 times?
frequency increases?
my apology, i dont have that much patience.


why am i always disappointed.


why why why?

when there is hope,
there will always be disappointment?
this is like a universal gospel!
which is known without saying, aye?


i dont know what to say,
but i think one word says it all.
but im trying to refrain myself frmo uttering it.
dont make me swear
pleaseee...i beg you


okay, now i miss home

cant wait to skype tomorrow

but it would also means that i would need to be STRONG! mentally STRONG!
to face the strong winds
as i can predict! and anticipate!
a word which DESPAIRS and TRAUMATIZE every GIRL!
being hurled at me, without MERCY!

ladies and gentleman,
stop guessing,
the word is,


spelt backwards


Monday, 26 January 2009

hapeee niu year~!

angpow from McD!
i tak tipu


tak tung chiang!!!

no lion dance!!

today is 'chu ee'

got a parcel!

such a big box!
u know how large is my palm right?
that's to let u estimate the size of the box!


i tore the box..not immediately.
cause i already knew what was inside.

heated up in the microwave

sorry yewjinn, cant share this with u. cause so little :p
ahahhahaha time. see if my 'postman' DARES to bring them over.
sigh...this postman abit pengecut.

he said UK very strict, cannot bring bring meat over

here's my LOONG KEE DRIED PORK (SLICE) 75g RM12.75

hopefully i'll get my hands the bakgua which bro has bought.
usually my family would buy in kg. 1 kg per packet.
*prays hard that her highness has her way to make him bring*

6 mandarin oranges
and Yee Hup!

all in the big box?
*wide eyes open*
anyone who wants to courier things overseas, i suggest u pass it to my fren, ask me for her contact, to help u to post. i demand her to charge u extra for her service :p

thank u anyway, for the 'angpow' (all the goods) above.
came on the right day as well!
thank you
they are very much appreciated.

i succeeded..

her highness was like
" how was it how was it"

she is a good cook...

i will be too

siok sendiri post. dont read

miss y:

if C after u

u'll accept?




dats! a tricky ques!!!!


miss Y:



that's y only ask!



y ah?

he wana dump his GF?



one thing that bothers me is,

his short fat chunky calves


would make a delicious chunky human-meat cookie!


Sunday, 25 January 2009

baktiau-pays off

recognize this?

or bakkien

it is a bak kien actually
or lobak if u dont know what is bak kien

we grilled it!
instead of deep fry!
healthier ma :p

will try baking it later on.
test run

it's CNY eve today

i managed to wrap 2kg of lobak in 1 hour!

what a feat!

so proud of myself!

but not proud of the products


they look horrible.
loose...and fat..


loose if u get wut i mean.
good ones will be tight! ;)

but the beancurd sheet that we bought are not the same,
it said FRESH bean curd.

plus point is : it is not that fragile.hence comparatively easier to wrap. it is oily.

negative points is : too thick. too slippery, hence cant be tight.


this! is driving me nuts!
the onions make me cry!
the garlic makes my hand sore.

im not making this again!!

unless i have hands preparing all the ingredients.
and my job is just to mix!

so tedious and laborious to chop them! pftt!
i had to motivate myself mentally to go on chopping!
coz i so felt like reducing the amount

grate carrots some more!

hate the UK porky taste

but since ive marinated them..
they are more palatable

dip in your hands and mix

dirty things taste better

the mixture

mammoth bean curd skin from See Woo
£4. ++

my job is done!

im not going to do anything else after this!

delegated huikuan to do the steaming

preparing all the ingredients and stuff is not easy!

had to ask for some donation from adel's house, got corn flour from her

after steaming,
we tried to bake and grill, one each.

it smells like home...

the promiscuous lobak aroma


i did it!!!

speedy job...
thought wrapping would eat up lotsa time but surprisingly it did not



i complained of constipation
and this is what ive got

i teach u!

u use lobak.... poke into ur a s s h o l e!!!

u might like the feeling and u might get cured!

my reply:

too soft

nid viagra


Friday, 23 January 2009

lack of ommph

i need to have all these songs (those in the playlist) so that i can put them in my ipod and BLAST them in the hall on monday!

we are having Chinese New Year Open House in James Blyth Court on 26th Janurary 2009.

ushering first day of 2009 in lunar calendar

need to also play them whenever i go out. since the supermarkets and shops do not play them, OBVIOUSLY! so then i will need to put on earphones and walk around with my ipod. it would then sort of mimic the same environment right?
gives you the oomph!!!

if not i cant really feel the cny vibe lah! sienness


it is OUR year!!!!

im making a request here.
whoever that has CNY songs, can you please kindly send them to me?
look at my CNY card!!

can geleng kepala one okay my OX!! ;)

something red! something to represent and remind me of CNY!
pasting this on my mirror! ;)

thank u!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

notts game 08

McDonald's Hamburger

unappetizing looking

flat, squashed, limpy, cold burger was distributed to us on our journey to Nottingham,

to participate in Nottingham Games 2008.
i still dont understand. the moment yihui saw this, she knew it was a beef burger. how come?

where does it says beef on the wrapper?


is she just smart or was it my problem?

Ham-burger. is beef burger?

alright, back to Notts game.

it is a sports event open for malaysian students only.

met peichuan and shengjie :)

well, being malaysians, we are smart arent we?

so how can we miss a chance not to slaughter when there is one?


there was a MALAYSIAN FOOD FAIR kinda thing there as well.

this was my first stop

cendol £1.50 i think

my all time favourite

nasi lemak

there were a few  nasi lemak stalls

i think the most important thing about nasi lemak is the sambal

whether or not a nasi lemak is delicious, the sambal carries the most mark.

this is yihui's nasi lemak £3.50

more stuff. more $
you pick what u want

Laksa Johor £2?

cant really remember the price

not too bad:)

they used spaghetti


basic nasilemak: rice, cucumber, egg, kacang, ikan bilis and sambal


shianyi's Cucur Udang


not happy cause i had to retype and reupload this post.


this is what i do to kill time in lab