Friday, 22 August 2008

coliseum cafe

i wanted baked crab meat with salad. badly. but apparently they ran out of it.
had to order :(
i think in the end i settled for some chicken, which wasnt great.
something happened between us and this captain while taking orders. cant quite remember exactly what

we were annoyed was all i remembered. ehe
took this so that i can call up and order their baked crab

renu's grilled NZ lamb RM 22.90
she swears by it :)
weithian's fish concalaise RM17.90
my spring chicken RM 17.90

flora's bolognese RM 14.90
very flavourful
toast + butter RM2.20
asparagus cream soup RM6.90

caramel pudding RM4.00

benga did this :)
no idea what he was trying to do
i miss him

lazy to write a review on Cafe-cafe, can browse through the photos here


Anonymous said... long ago punya pictures now baru post...
on facebook oso! ish ish ish...

curiositykills said... going to try to post as many as i can! :p

after that i can delete them right?

cause it is taking up lotsa space la..can right kk?
it wont be wiped off in blogspot?
even after 10years?