Saturday, 30 April 2016


Kj can read this entire book on his own !

He read to me today and no doubt I'm impressed and excited over this achievement 

Who cares if their kid can read at 2 years old ?


Good job son!:) 

Salad bowl for kids

Never fails to put me in joy watching him devouring this salad bowl !

Red capsicum, tomato, cucumber . Dressing : evoo, balsamic vinegar , black pepper, honey

He requested for a second helping ! I added some watermelon in the next round .

Kayshen saw his brother loving this dish so he asked for a spoonful but he ended up telling us it was spicy ...I think he ate the capsicum . 😏

Monday, 18 April 2016

Concentrated beta carotene juice with Turmeric

Over the weekend , we did this! 
Kj had an acute exacerbation of asthma so I sneaked in 4 inch of turmeric into the mixture of juice .

Carrot, orange , pumpkin, green apple, cucumber and of course turmeric ! 

The cold processed juice is so sweet that they help to mask the pungent taste of turmeric !

Oh and I found some yellow watermelon in the fridge hence I made a bottle of watermelon juice too !

I told the kids to drink the juice that they made . I guess it helps to excite them if they know they made It themselves .