Saturday, 22 March 2014

milestone 9 months old

24 nov 2014

we have been extremely busy since dec last year. baby matty is not very much a baby anymore and i feel…..sad thinking about it :)

i need to document his milestone because i feel very guilty when people ask me what can kj do at which month and i have no recollection at all!

well we started matty on solids in jan-feb this year. at 6-7 months old he still can't swallow, despite having intense interest in food.

whenever he sees us eating, he would want or grab it. he still can't eat even if we try to give it to him.

I'm trying to do blw-baby led weaning but not quite successful :S anyway, I've changed strategy. won't be feeding puree all the way. i will want to let him have a taste of everything so that hopefully he won't be a fussy eater like kj. BUT, I'm still concern over the salt or whatnot if i were to feed him adult food. i know, I'm contradicting myself. still can't find a balance out of this :p

now at 9 months old! NINE! finally he is eating, swallowing this month! hooray!

he has 2 tooth at the bottom at 7 months old. and just 3 days ago, aunty found out that he is teething again, with 2 to 3 tooth on top.

what have i fed him so far. brown rice, millet, banana, pumpkin, sweet potato, sweet potato leaves, pear, apple.

easiest and best way for first stage puree is to run through a siever. the end product will be 100 percent silky smooth. don't need any special gadget.

since he is eating, starting last week his poo has solidified. prior to this, he has runny poo due to breast milk.

i am still breastfeeding him. no aunty visit yet.

he drinks every 2 hours in aunty's house, around 6-6.5 oz each feed.

my pumping schedule at work: 10am, 1pm, 4pm (or sometimes 5pm).

sometimes if i do not have much ebm in fridge (frozen ebm has expired), i will try to pump every 2 hours at work, which is difficult to achieve. and i will also set the alarm and get up twice at night - around 2am and 5am. most of the time, i can only wake up once =)

if i travel, i need to work harder when i come back. otherwise, over the weekend i will usually get to stock up for the coming week hence i won't be so worked up.

i can send milk once in the morning, enough milk to cover till 5pm. if i travel and when i come back, i will need to send milk twice. :S

each pumping session now yields 4-6 oz.

matty can now hold on to something and push himself up, albeit standing wobbly. he can crawl with ease no doubt.

he recognizes his name too! :)

however, he is one clingy baby. making me a handicap. because i need to carry him all the time. aLLLL the time :)

sandwich tower

one of the few accessories that i have collected to spice up the child's meal

sandwich cutter

introducing peanut butter to kj
he can eat FOUR of this dolphin in school

introducing montessori pink tower

at 3 years +, it is a bit old but who cares? :)

he wasn't interested before this but now after being introduced, he can understand the concept.

Pic taken: end of 2013

no fingerprint

this is motherhood!

wear and tear of a mother's fingers

to the single ladies out there, do not fear.
it is totally worth it to have lost fingerprints, to wail in pain and suffer from cracking fingers.
to new mothers, do not fear.
there will be many challenges ahead of us so let us arm ourselves and fight ahead!

it tells you so much about a mother by observing their hands :)

raw energy ball

energy ball?
raw chocolate ball?
you can get lots of recipes similar to this if you google raw chocolate ball.

few nuts (soaked), blend it with dates, chia seed/flaxseed.
shaped it into a ball and coat it with cacao powder.

easy and healthy.

kj eats it.

when i said kj eats it, it means the food is really acceptable.

try it!

how to select UHT milk

UHT milk!

we always have UHT milk as back up in our kitchen.

sometimes we can be lazy and not get fresh milk from supermarket so at least we still have continuous supply of milk.

*kj is still not quite keen on drinking nut milk neat*

read the label.
ingredients: fresh milk and nothing else.
no additives.

if you check out the label of Dutch lady for example. it says emulsifiers.
or solidified milk something like that. that means it came from milk powder.

ingredient: fresh cow's milk

it also made me think, what if they omit the other ingredients?
since now everyone is getting smarter, we are reading the labels. so how do we know if they are printing the truth?

make your own pau

thermomix pau recipe

Ingredients Method MC Time Temp Speed
120g water 1. Place water, oil, sugar, yeast into TM Bowl to mix. 30 sec 37  0C 3
15g olive oil
20g sugar 2. Add Flour and salt. Knead the dough on inverval speed (Remove MC) X 2 mins - Knead button
(Pic of wheat)
1 tsp yeast
250g medium protein or pau flour 3. Shape dough into 'man tao' form. Set aside in Varoma unit for about 30mins for it to rise. then steam
Pinch of salt