Monday, 21 April 2008

confession of a confection

Milano Sandwich RM9.80

Green Tea cake
the red bean filling is too sweet for my liking

this sandwich was darn delicious!
apparently, had to share with someone, albeit unwillingly.
Sunrise RM2.20
okay, thanks Flo for the correction. not Sunshine. hee.paiseh :)
i merely cant decide which photo is better comparing to the first one, so...?? wth? just post both lah! :)

Cream Puff

can't decide which is best.

Top Three would be the one here, Sun Moulin,  Riche Montana and Beard Papa (not in preferential sequence)
love 'em all

Steamed green tea
very soft and fluffy
the cake crumbles at the slight touch of my lips


cant find my other photos again *pouts*

missing photos:
- cream bun (elongated shape) RM 1.70 Yum
-dorayaki RM3 find it too sweet

location: Sunmoulin at KLCC and One Utama (old wing)


weithian said...

one day saje maaaa~ need to post so many boh.

and ROFL about my pangsai ways okay. now it doesn't seems to work anymore. and i'm having constipatin badly. what's with yieng's toilet- training? to *PUSSSSHH*?!?! HAHAHA XD

ur bitching is wayyyy sooo COOOLL~ hahaha.

kxin said...

Beard Papa ? KL oso got? Penang mia is my friend punya family open punya francise...

curiositykills said...

got a lot more to say want okayy!! got backlog of things to post! ekekekek
cant? probably change of environment. change new house and all! ahahahah! :)
yes..yieng wanna push! she susah dahulu, senang kemudian ma :) muahahaha...

bitching cool leh?? lols! imagine wutkinda bitch wud i be if i were to stay here longterm! "S cant imagine!

beard papa kl oso got?
beard papa went to KL first la kid! :p
:) u get to eat free beard papas in QB? :) ekekekke

kxin said...

how i know wor... i not so "KL" person la! :P