Sunday, 17 March 2013

beginning to learn math

KJ 3 yrs old 1 month

did this yesterday




at this age, he still doesnt like STICKING/GLUEING

hence we moved on to dot-a-dot markers, given to him by his uncle. thank u! :) ive been lusting for this for over a year!



he did 0-7 and that was all. he didnt want to do number 8. we? definitely need to work on your concentration young man!

TODAY! he did this





please note that the arrangements of the numbers are incorrect.
they should be cut and arrange in order.

we are just staring on numbers.

he can count 1-10 easily in both english and mandarin, as well as recognizing the numerals.

next, we shall work on the quantity.

funny conversation:

2 nights ago, kj didnt want his playmate che che (sister) to go home. so the aunty tried to explain that she must go home, because she has tuition class. FYI, she is 6 yrs old.  yeah tuition! O.O

anyway, then KJ replied that he wants to go for tuition too! so i said yeah KJ, mommy will tuition you. we will do it tonight in our house ok? ;)

the aunty smiled! haha

kj nodded!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

dialogues that i must remember

i had a workshop and came home near 6pm today.

found hubs in the kitchen and our conversation went like this:

let me warn u first, dont say that i did not. being a housewife aint easy!

i knew! that is why i said i needed a maid as well! "

thats not considered a housewife!

then i'll be the babysitter.

then you are becoming the tai-tai


well, but deep inside i was elated because it meant that he knew housewife is not an easy job, as how this occupation is commonly portrayed.

nevertheless, at this very minute, i just wanna be me. i feel so freaking tired. :)

oh! another story that i need to immortalize here.

happened just last week in the car.

i admonished KJ for jumping out from his car seat while the father is driving.

he quickly sat down and wailed " dont be angry at me mommy. dont scold me. im saddd.... "

???? did he say he is sad???

instantly i apologized.

then, at night the father mocked me "so, how did u feel when your son did that in the afternoon?"

erm, i did not expect him to say that, but well, if he was really sad, i would feel bad. but i wasnt sure if he was faking it. heh