Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Restoran Muar, tengkat tongshin

see the char siew?
i can live without pork but not char siew!!
aiks? macam sounds familiar only? hee. kays, ive mentioned this in my friendster blog before. -.-'

anyway, this charsiew stall has one of the chun-nest charsiew in town! besides FSF.
u really need to order those with a little fats. the wholly-leaned type is really depressing.
you need the fats!!!

SO! we tabao-ed charsiew to this place below ;)

Restoran Muar! i was looking forward to try their otak-otak and cendol!

the pretty and kind proprietor introduced us this dish,
butter something prawn & squid RM16
Merman rejected the recommendation of petai. Boo sama dia!

Japanese beancurd RM10.
dont know why he needs to order taufu all the time! :S
Albeit that, you can hardly go wrong with taufu.

Deep Fried Kailan RM8
Recommended by the lady
A very unusual dish

Crispy Fried Egg RM5

the lady was like, are you sure u still want this? u have ordered 4 dishes? !!??
you sure you can finish? unless you're a big eater she added and she broke into a smile

She looks very pleasant!
you can hardly get a good-looking lady to take down your orders.

oh! and no otak-otak for me. unfortunately, they didn't make otak-otak that day. sienness.

anyway, when our food came, we went opsssss.... :)
a bit embarassed.
the lady walked past and smiled at us.
Merman suggested we invite her to sit down since we have abundance of food for 2.

Bear in mind of our charsiew which were already safely hidden in our stomachs.
we were warned not to seen eating it especially by the muslims as their shop is halal.
See? she even presented it in a courteous way.
Sorry ma'am. and also thank you.
Mini cendol!RM1
merman exclaimed that it has liquor in it
"it's gula melaka lah!" *rolleyes*

thought i could save by eating here, but....:(
good food nevertheless

darn the pricey charsiew!


weithian said...

where's that rest. muar thingy? :) heee. food looks good tho. how was the RM1 cendol?

btw. the opther char siew??? mana!? that picture looks like somewhere @ penang. tho. penang has alot of places like that. -.-|| what tokking me. hmm

oh, and why merman?explain!!!! XD *kepoh*

curiositykills said...

lols! Merman? after exam :p

both are in jalan tengkat tongshin. this road is next to jalan alor, parallel to it.
the other charsiew mah si FSF lo. the one we went to in Aman Suria ;) Kelana jaya.

not penang ler. penang so far tarak charsao as nice as KL! hee. i even made my friend tabao back to pg! she tabaoed the one from here wheareas my uncle usually tabao from FSF back to A.S =)
so means KL also got places like Pg lo! :D

yes! food in R.Muar is good hun!! bring your parents there lar, hee.

then tabao some otak-otak for me!!! ooOOO syok!! *grin*

weithian said...

berman i tau la. mer man?! hmm. curiosity kills really, now you make me tak boleh study dahhh! cis! hahaha. jk:P

okay! will try if i have the chance sooner or later :P *mwahs*