Sunday, 19 June 2016

thermomix taiwanese dishes

taiwan lu rou fan/ taiwanese braised pork

step by step using the thermomix


fuzhou pepper biscuit

both dishes were done by hubs!

these pics were stuck in my draft since 2014!

activities for preshcoolers

10 aug 2013

 june 8 2012
 june 8-10 b2012

may 19 2013

ks is three!

you are not much of a TV person

this is your friend Ollie, and u were reluctant to share his toys with him

sometimes you dont like to walk so we need to carry you
up until now, u still want to be carried.
albeit mummy having plantar fascitis, u demand to be carried up the stairs or whenever or wherever u want.

i need to work on Sympathy with you two. 

i have enjoyed carrying you and was thrilled that u are light and small but not anymore.
you have grown heavier but for unfathomable reasons u still have very small frame and as skinny as a skeleton :)

your brother is your hero!
you follow his every footsteps! good or bad.
the moment you open yours eyes in the morning, u need to look for your brother.
well maybe first was to check me out, next on the list is your brother.
so i need to make sure your brother is a good role model, which is not a tall order, not as tough as making you become one. :p

why on earth did u do this?
your brother has never done this!
i know we shouldnt compare but well! having brought up you both, we cant help but feel overwhelmed because u are completely different so we are swept off our feet.
until today i am still thinking hard on how to deal with such situations.
you are very challenging my darling :)

at 3 years old! you could draw spiderman with a face, two eyes, two hands and fingers and 2 legs.
this achievement is astonishing to us ! well done baby!
could your brother's passion in drawing inspire you? :)
you can colour within the area too.
your brother at this age couldnt hold a pencil nor is he interested in sitting down coloring things.
you can recognize all the common colours fantastically such as : red, blue, brown, black, orange, yellow, green.

you also know your numbers from One to Ten.
we should begin with Zero ok baby?
i'm a montessori mother cmon!
but well i dont want to be reminded about all my expensive montessori tools and notes.
you are not a montessori kid.

when you are very hungry u can sit down and chomp on your food but when you are not, you will play with food
when mealtime is over, and you are still playing with food, this is what we do.
we send our children out.
u hate this and u will usually scream and cry relentlessly.

your curiousity is beyond my consideration
it's a different ball game altogether

i'd be glad to have you in my kitchen as my kitchen helper but we need someone who can listen to instructions ;)

you love food
you love tau fu fah
you love anything flavourful
you also love to have the biggest portion of all, the biggest piece, the biggest bowl, biggest plate
we cant pinch any of it or you'd tell grandma it's spoil.
OCD huh? :)

i love that you insist eating on your own
i dont mind feeding you at the end of the meal when your concentrations thins out

you love coconut water and as usual you cant share with any of us, except me if i try really hard :)

ahma thinks u cant speak well but i think otherwise!

you say things like " oh! my favourite song!"
that raised both our (me and your dad) eyebrows.  how on earth did u know what is "favourite"

you also say things like:

"gugu dont want me anymore mummy?"
"mummy, daddy is naughty right? right mummy?"

u love to select your own shirts and pants and create a mess for kakak
each time i reprimand you for cleaning up your mess, u will inevitably look for kakak

im proud that you can put on your clothes before u reach 3 years old ;)
oh, because you are an independent boy!

u insist that you put on your own shoes
you insist wearing it pa-ling-dao / terbalik
you are well versed with these two words
you also love to put on socks when u watch your brother put on his socks

you are also diaperless both morning and night!
before the age of three! yay

you used to hate taking medicine like syrup paracetamol.
you would cry and fight off!
but recently upon observing your brother's love for medicine, u begin to request for medicine too.
so finally yesterday when you have AGE, dad gave u tab charcoal and u swallow like a good sport.

you look beautiful with your black gothic lips! :D

your beloved grandma, ah ku and ah kim flew all the way here just for your 3rd birthday!

we threw a small party for you and you were clearly ecstatic!

this was you receiving presents from ah ku

daddy bought you a spiderman bowl for your brithday :D

spiderman themed party
these are your friends :)

it's difficult to get you to listen and it tires me out
 hence i am perfectly fine with you eating with dirty fingers

your innocent face is so irresistible 

you insisted buying this spiderman shirt although it is a few size larger than your petite body
ah ma fulfills your wish nevertheless

out of the blue, u selected these 2 books as your bed time story

this is how strong-willed you are
you demanded that you sit on a stool like everyone else instead of in a baby chair
why? because you are not a baby anymore?

you will always be our baby,
as well as kj's baby

no matter how strong willed you are,
i wont give up in searching for methods to deal with such kid ;)

i hope to cherish you with lots of love and
lots of happiness.

you are growing up too fast i dont have time to read and experiment on how to deal with YOU!

you cry so much that i hope you wont remember your sadness or frustrations.

happy third birthday darling!

your father brought you both out to the zoo today on a Father's day so that i could quickly blog before i forget about the little anecdotes.

you refused to wish him Happy Father's Day as u insisted it was happy Mother's day.
poor daddy