Tuesday, 27 June 2017

toddler skin to skin contact

"Did u drink my milk? " I felt someone drinking.....

He kept quiet, thinking for a many seconds... before he answered, "me"

Just a little bit!

Why just a little bit?

Im afraid u will scold me

Why? U like to drink my milk?


U want to drink a lot?


on another occaion:

When i was still sleeping he tries to roll up my shirt from my back
He had difficulty then he decided he has to also roll up from the front

When he was doing it from the front, suddenly he saw my nipple and decided to give it a suck

When i woke up he got startled

Oh, he explained "i thought you are sleeping"

yes, and he decided to stack books on my back

this guy make me feel that if he can crawl under my skin, he would!
he loves to rub his face all over me...and sometimes it hurts.
he gets heavier now (as compared to last time because he is very tiny for someone his age) and whenever he sleeps on me, even if it is only his head nested on my chest (between shoulder and neck), i would felt out of breath!
what should i do!

son, that does not mean i love u any lesser.
but really, it suffocates me and hurts my collarbone. eekk


-march 2017-

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