Friday, 16 June 2017


Today after school i picked ks home

He overheard his dad telling me that he (dad) wanted apples and oranges

Ks exclaimed that he wanted apple too

Then he began asking:

Him: isna talk english?

Me: no. She speaks in bahasa

Him: what is skin?

Me: kulit

Him: tidak mau kulit. What is meat?

Me: isi. Meat is i-si

Him: isi. What is skin again?

Me: kulit


Then i recalled back in ah ma's house last week, ks yelped to his grandma, "ahma Ni suap wo!" one responded
Ahma! Ni suap wo!

Only kj can understood 😂

Kind hearted kj " ahma, kayshen yau ni feed ta"  (grandma, kayshen wants u to feed him)



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