Friday, 23 August 2013

First purchase in iHerb

my first purchase from iHerb in Nov last year, 2012.

 the main reason that made me browsed through iHerb was Childlife Liquid Vitamin C.

i bought one bottle for RM 67.90 from GNC. 
and i managed to get 15% discount using a friend's membership.

after that i found out that the SAME thing was sold in iherb for USD 6.
after conversion would be about RM 24 maximum? say using a conversion of 4.


of course i have to buy from iHerb!
and i stopped visiting GNC ever since.

cost of shipping from iHerb is also cheap!

what are u waiting for ?
a shopping spree!!

Avalon Organics shampoo

'good' shampoos usually do not give lots of suds.
so it might take a little get-used-to.

yeah im losing my hair..getting bald. sobs

no idea why i bought a Volumizing conditioner.
think i must have clicked on the wrong one!

when i was at Taiwan, i saw Avalon Organics in Watson too! :)

there are just lots of things that u can buy from iHerb.
they sometimes do offer free international shipping as well.
be on the look out people!

also, do inform me when there is such promo.
i love free shippings!

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